COPD InSight wins Professor Porter VBHC Primary Care Award


Proud of the VBHC Primary Care Award 2018; René Baljon, director of Medical Service Center NAAST (on the right) and Maritha Spekschoor, specialized nurse pulmonary medicine of Slingeland Hospital (on the left).

The innovative project ‘COPD InSight’ won the VBHC Primary Care Award 2018 on April 26th. COPD InSight is an initiative of care organisation Sensire, Slingeland Hospital, Medical Service Center NAAST, health insurer Menzis and health innovator Luscii (previously ‘FocusCura’). They joined hands to organise care more efficiently for people suffering from the pulmonary disease COPD in the eastern part of the Netherlands. InSight is characterised by enabling patients to perform measurements at home and receive care remotely via video contact. 

The jury praised the initiative because of its focus on, and added value for, the customer and the ability to offer this way of care to COPD patients and other people with chronic conditions throughout the Netherlands. The Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Prize recognises and rewards initiatives that deliver innovative and value-driven care. At the ceremony of the Primary Care Award, the international expert jury described COPD InSight as ‘a unique collaboration between care providers in primary and secondary care in close consultation with the patient’.

René Baljon, director of Medical Service Center NAAST, is proud. “This award crowns the work we started with our partners about seven years ago. The starting objective was more self-management and freedom for the patient and better care at lower costs. This has led, among other things, to higher customer satisfaction and new technologies in combination with remote care”, explains Baljon.


Value-based healthcare is care with a focus on increasing value for the patient and, at the same time, reducing costs. The expert jury was impressed by the initiatives and praised the Netherlands as a leader in value-based healthcare. Compared with last year, there has been a sharp increase in e-health initiatives, which is characteristic of innovation within healthcare. InSight is a good example of this. Baljon: “People with COPD often have to go to the hospital for controls. For them, these visits are exhausting because of their limited lung capacity. Thanks to InSight, patients, nurses and doctors can exchange information and have video contact via a secure environment, using the iPad or another digital device. If necessary, the client has direct contact with the nurse or an appointment is arranged at the hospital”.

Quality of life

Thanks to Luscii’s app ‘Vitals‘, the knowledge of the medical specialist at Slingeland Hospital, the nursing knowledge of NAAST and Sensire, and Menzis’ financial support, are brought together naturally. The partners also work together to assist people with heart failure at home. Baljon: “The quality of life of patients in the Achterhoek is progressing by leaps and bounds; for example, they do not have to go to the hospital as often. The saved time can be spent on the things that make life happier”.