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Department of Pulmonary medicine at Isala showcases telemonitoring project

IsalaThe Department of Pulmonary Diseases at the Isala Hospital started with digital homemonitoring for COPD patients via Luscii Apps in 2017. Patients in the project don’t have to come to the hospital as often and have a lower risk of hospital admissions as well. The check-ups of the patients are completed remotely, with home measurements taken twice a week using the Luscii Apps. If Luscii detects deterioration, the nurses at Isala will be informed and will reach out immediately. The project is accompanied by research carried out by Martine Breteler MSc, working together with different people at the Isala Hospital, including pulmonologist Jan Willen van den Berg MD, PhD.

The Dutch Ministry of Health made a video of this great project and showcased it as an example of the eHealth movement in the Netherlands during the eHealth Week:


The role of Luscii at Isala Hospital:

isala telemonitoringLuscii provides hardware, software and patient support for the COPD project at the Isala Hospital. Luscii helped the hospital to introduce telemonitoring into the outpatient clinic visit. Luscii worked together with the pulmonologists and specialised nurses in setting up the project. Furthermore, when a patient is enrolled into telemonitoring, they will receive the Luscii Vitals and Luscii Contact apps to send in their measurements and have (video)-communication with the nurses or pulmonologists. Also, after enrolment, Luscii is responsible for all logistics (sending the measurement devices), service and (installation) support for patients within the service.