Healthcare insurer CZ promotes telemonitoring to bring care to home in The Netherlands

The Netherlands scores well internationally in the field of healthcare. But unfortunately, spending on healthcare is rising faster than the rest of the economy. This is simply not tenable for the future. Furthermore, differences in the quality of care are often not clear. Through sound healthcare procurement, CZ hopes to contribute to future-proof healthcare in 2020.

Responsible and Close by

The common thread throughout our 2020 healthcare purchasing policy is ‘Responsible and Close By’.

  • ‘Responsible’ ensures that CZ group will only contract healthcare that is both affordable and in line with our quality vision. In accordance, we apply appropriate yet ambitious standards.‘
  • Close by’ is the starting point of the healthcare provision: either at home or close to home if possible. And further away if it guarantees better quality care. By ‘close by’, we also mean: in keeping with the wishes and choices of the insured in regard to their treatment. For example, through joint decision-making processes and the deployment of new (distribution) forms of diagnostics and digital support. In this way, we make treatment less stressful and much more person-orientated. 

Vision of quality

CZ attaches great importance to high-quality care for its policyholders. This vision is reflected in our healthcare procurement policy and documents of value.

Vision of healthcare purchasing

Healthcare must be of good quality, affordable and accessible. Now and in the future. That is why CZ makes agreements with healthcare providers to ensure high-quality care that meets the needs of patients, is delivered in the right place, and maintains a reasonable price.

Purchasing in consultation with the healthcare field

CZHealthcare purchasing is not a stand-alone activity, in which we single-handedly decide what is right. Instead, we are involving and collaborating more and more with the healthcare field: patients, healthcare providers, municipalities and other stakeholders. By innovating, collaborating and continuing to work on structural progress, we can improve healthcare in the Netherlands and give substance to “Healthcare that goes further”.