Luscii and its professional users support De Hartstichting during “Heart Week”

hartstichting collecte week

For every patient that is registered for home measurement in the coming Heart Week, we will donate to the Hartstichting

It is collection week at the Hartstichting! More than 50,000 collectors are raising money for solutions to keep everyone’s heart as healthy as possible. Luscii wants to contribute too. And our professional users help us during this Heart Week!

They determine the Luscii donation

We have decided to donate a fee to the Hartstichting for every new patient that is registered for home measurement this week. In doing so, we can combine the start of modern care for patients with a contribution to a good cause.

Game rules

At Luscii, we like to keep things simple. Therefore doctors and patients can just register patients in the same way as usual. In the upcoming Heart Week (15th to the 19th of April), we will keep a record of how many patients have been registered. We will not distinguish between different groups (for example, we will also count patients in other Luscii programs, such as COPD). Once the week is over, we will transfer our contribution to the Hartstichting. There is no limit, so the amount raised lies entirely in the hands of our users.


The collection is of vital importance

Living with a heart disease is tough, for the patient and their surroundings. The number of patients is growing rapidly. Therefore, the proceeds from the Hartstichting’s collection will be used to create solutions for keeping every heart as healthy as possible. The Hartstichting is working towards 3 goals:

  • The prevention of developing heart problems
  • Faster assistance in an emergency situation
  • Better treatments, so that patients suffer less

All help is welcome, so that the Hartstichting can find solutions earlier. At Luscii, we think this is important. That is why we are happy to support this goal.

The next charity?


At Luscii, we believe that companies have a responsibility to add something positive to society. And that is something we are very conscious of. This time, we chose the Hartstichting. And with success, we will gladly support another goal next time.

We welcome any ideas for that!