Together with Luscii, OLVG City Hospital of Amsterdam offers remote Corona guidance

Hand holding Luscii app on purple backdrop

The whole of the Netherlands is concerned about the Coronavirus. GPs and hospitals are being flooded with questions. In response, Amsterdam’s OLVG City Hospital, together with Luscii, has developed a virtual guidance tool in a matter of days. No contract, no profit, simply on the basis of trust.

Over 33,000 daily users

With the OLVG corona check, people can easily submit health data via a modified version of the Luscii app. For example, if they have a cough, are short of breath and have a fever. If a measurement gives cause for concern, the app warns the experts at the OLVG’s control centre. If necessary, experts can then make contact via messaging or telephone. More than 41,000 people have already downloaded the app and over 33,000 are actively using the service every day.

OLVG corona check will become more widely available

The OLVG Corona check is primarily intended for adult residents of Greater Amsterdam with health problems that may be aggravated by the Coronavirus. Because of the succes the service will become more widely available in the coming days. Certainly, in the Netherlands, but very likely abroad too.

For registration and more information, please visit: