Luscii helps British hospital with home health monitoring at lightning speed

Worcestershire Royal Hospital

‘Two weeks after the call, the first patients were connected’

The United Kingdom is under lockdown as a result of the Corona crisis. Vulnerable people, such as patients with COPD, have to isolate themselves even more stringently. That puts them in a tricky situation. How can they stay connected with their regular care providers when isolated in their own homes? Home health monitoring provides a solution and Luscii has sprung into action to help hospitals in need.

Rob Brougham is Managing Director of Luscii in England. Since his appointment in 2019, he has been talking to healthcare organisations across the NHS about the possibilities of Luscii. Sunderland was the first district to actually start with home health monitoring. A process that took months. But Corona has changed everything.

“We can act much faster now”, said Rob. “We already showed that in the Netherlands with the Corona Check – an app that the Amsterdam OLVG City Hospital developed together with Luscii within a week, which is already in use by more than 100,000 people at home and abroad. With the lessons learned, we can now accelerate the implementation of existing programs, especially in hospitals that see the necessity for such services”.

The Worcestershire Royal Hospital

Rob uses the Royal Hospital in Worcester as an example, which is part of the NHS region of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, close to the Welsh border. “We had been discussing the possibilities of home measurement for some time, but the Corona crisis resulted in an urgent call. How soon could we get started? Within two weeks of that call, the first COPD patients were connected to the Luscii app.”

The hospital treats around 1,300 COPD patients. The intention is to connect the majority to the Luscii app. Through the app, patients can monitor their own well-being. If their condition deteriorates, Luscii automatically alerts the hospital’s COPD team. The option of direct contact is also available through a video connection. In this way nurses can keep an eye on their patients despite the lockdown.


Helping one another

Given the needs of a lot of vulnerable people, Rob is keen to encourage more Trusts to contact him. “We have reliable technology that has already processed millions of home measurements and we can get things moving really quickly. And hospitals don’t have to worry about a sky-high bill. We have a simplified contract and affordable pricing ready. In times of crisis, you just have to be ready to help one another out”.

Check the video to see how Luscii works in daily practice: