Daan Dohmen Professor of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

daan dohmen

Luscii founder and CEO Daan Dohmen has been appointed as a special professor in the Faculty of Management Sciences at the Open University. In his new position, Daan will play a leading role in the development of research into the effects and implementation methods of digital care.

Of course, Daan is best known as an entrepreneur, but he also obtained his doctorate cum laude for a study on e-health implementation and has since remained active within the field. Prof. Dr. Ir. Dohmen is therefore delighted with his appointment, especially as it concerns an urgent issue that he has been working on for decades.

Proactive patients

Dohmen: ‘Our healthcare system is under increasing pressure. Rising healthcare costs and an increasing shortage of qualified healthcare providers are ahead of us if we do not make significant changes. Digital care can help make that change, but it requires more than just the use of fun apps and smart technology. What matters is the advent of technology leading to a much more proactive role of citizens and patients in healthcare’.

The need for transition

According to Daan, a transition is needed from a production model, in which everything is focused on providing care systematically, to an ‘on demand model’, in which the patient takes more responsibility. However, there is a need to ensure that medical support is available at the right time for those who need it. This is precisely where digital technology can play a decisive role.

Research and leadership

As a consequence, existing organisational structures have to be broken down. Otherwise, digital care will just be ‘on top’ of what is currently on offer. The much-needed transition therefore requires more knowledge about the effects of digital care, plus new forms of collaboration and an adaptive culture of innovation. This can be shaped by new leadership and funding models, by both entrepreneurs and existing and new healthcare providers.

VEROZ Foundation

This special position has been set up by VEROZ, the knowledge centre for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in healthcare. The foundation unites entrepreneurs in healthcare and has the ambition to contribute to healthcare innovation through research and education. In collaboration with the Open University, this ambition has now been realised by the establishment of this position and the creation of an MBA in Health Management & Entrepreneurship. The new course will begin in November 2020.