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“I am the ultimate virtual member of your care team. I am always awake, alert and informed, and ready to serve you.” 

About Luscii

We hear it every day. Nurses and doctors feel their work pressure is rising. At the same time, your patients want to take more control of their own health and care. The team behind Luscii believes that technology can help you with these challenges. Luscii’s digital health platform is developed to watch over your patients and inform you when they are at risk.

Luscii started in 2013 as a special team within  FocusCurathe Dutch market leader in healthcare innovation in the Netherlands. Due to the success of the products they created, the Luscii team separated into their own office and brand in Amsterdam. Today, they offer Luscii as a certified digital health platform for telemonitoring and videocare.

The name Luscii

Florence Nightingale

The name Luscii (pronounced Lucy) is a modern version of the verb Luscinia, which means Nightingale in Latin. Florence Nightingale is a big source of inspiration for the team at Luscii. She revolutionised the entire health care system. She was the first to realise the value of continuous monitoring of patients. And as a statistician, Florence Nightingale understood the significance of presenting vital signs graphically.

We are committed to take her intellectual legacy one step further into modern healthcare. Because we believe that this is possible.

We believe in partnerships

We wish to create digital health services that every professional or patient wants to use: senior friendly and time saving. Therefore, Luscii needs to be smart, intuitive and reliable. We cannot achieve that ambition alone. So we work together. With you, as our clinical users. With medical service centres, like NAAST and Medical Service Center Dokkum (part of Sionsberg Hospital and Dutch Cardiology Centers CCN). But also with the best technical partners in the world, who help expand our vision and enable us to empower Luscii with state-of-the-art technology.

Luscii’s world

Revolutionising health care is exciting. Doctors, nurses and patients help to create Luscii. Read their personalstories and learn how they are changing the world of thousands of patients every day.

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