Esmee Bloemendal

The first weeks in Franciscus Hospital

Two specialized cardiology nurses, working at the Cardiology department at the Franciscus Hospital in Rotterdam, have started Luscii since the end of January 2019. The question we asked them is how they experiencing Luscii so far.

Experiences so far

We had mixed feelings in advance because until now we had not only heard positive experiences. In particular, the time we have to invest in the first months. Fortunately, the time has been set aside, which we used to look at the measurements and to contact the patients. Without this extra time, it would not work.

The positive experiences so far are that video calling is experienced as more personal than we had previously thought (both by us and by the patients). It provides additional information about the patient’s condition. Sometimes patients even call and asked us to use video call. The patient is at home, but the eye contact gives you the feeling that he or she is sitting opposite you. Patients experience Luscii as an added value because they feel safer.

Magical storytelling

We thought it was time for a present. We invited a few healthcare providers who are using Luscii for an interactive workshop in which we learned how to share our story in the best way. It would be wonderful if people who are using Luscii in their working environment share their stories and inspire others to use our health platform.

When everyone arrived, we had the time to get to know each other and had some lunch. The group was very divers. Nurses, doctors, department heads and we from Luscii. After we ate lunch together, we started with the workshop on the second floor of the building. In the area there was a podium with a few lights focused on it. Some participants are regularly on stage, but it is always exciting to speak for an audience. We learned to share stories through story telling.

It was an inspiring and fun afternoon and we learned a lot from each other

It was an interactive workshop in which we learned how to apply the most important laws of communication to our own story. We’ve heard some impactful but also funny stories this day. For example, there was a nurse who told us she had a patient that needed to be monitored once a week. Because of her condition this hospital visit makes her very tired and took her three days to recover. This condition was taking over her life. When she started using Luscii this all changed, because she is monitored at home and we can contact her when needed. At the moment she is less tired, and she can spend more time with her grandchildren. It is very nice to hear this kind of stories, because this is why Luscii exists.

We ended the workshop with a drink at the restaurant downstairs. We would like to hear more, so please share your story about Luscii.