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Available in 5 countries for different disease types

Luscii is already available in The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the UK, and speaks all native languages fluently. With a variety of programs, Luscii helps chronic patients across the world deal with COPD (KOL), heart failure and (gestational) hypertension. At the same time, Luscii serves home care clients, like the elderly who live independently, with videocare. To achieve the best understanding of culture, special needs and to provide the right services, Luscii works closely together with local (reseller) partners.

Although Luscii is very easy to use, we understand that sometimes extra support is needed. Our special installers are available in all five countries, to help patients get started and give a little extra help to those who need it. This complete support service allows patients to feel capable and confident. It really helps to give it a try! Like at Sensire homecare and Slingeland hospital, as shown in the video below.

How to prescribe Luscii?

Because Luscii is a medical App, it is only available on prescription by a doctor or nurse. Prescribing Luscii is often reimbursed by insurance companies, so patients don’t have to pay for it. If you are a doctor or nurse and want to prescribe Luscii, you first need to enter into an agreement with us. After that, you can onboard a patient directly through the Luscii button in your Electric Medical Record (EMR) or by filling out the Luscii form in our web portal. We will take care of the rest. Please find the 4 easy steps below.

Step 1: Prescribe Luscii

A doctor or nurse prescribes Luscii directly from their EMR or from our web portal. He or she selects the clinical program and personalises it when needed. The patient will then receive information about Luscii.

Step 2: Send devices

Luscii receives the request to enrol the patient. We’ll ship a package with the connected measurement devices – for example a scale or SpO2 meter – to the patient and a manual on how to get started.

Step 3: Patient instruction

Luscii will instruct your patient via phone or video call or, if requested, a Luscii specialist will come to the home of the patient and help with setting up the Luscii service. A first reading and video call is completed together with your patient.

Step 4: Start of service

During the first week, Luscii will guide the patient to use Luscii correctly. Patients can practise making video calls and/or send in measurements. After this setup week, the Luscii service will start officially.


Do you think digital health is expensive? Not with Luscii. Our goal is to make Luscii available for free to all patients. Therefore, we work closely with financiers and healthcare systems in different countries to get Luscii reimbursed. And with success. Luscii is already fully reimbursed in projects by over 94% of all Dutch insurers and endorsed by financiers and healthcare systems in Sweden, Denmark and the UK. For hospital care and in community care. Fill out the form below to learn more about our pricing and reimbursement models and the business case for you as healthcare provider.

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