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Luscii and Indiveo Join Forces for Self-Management

Interactive education new standard in patient information

From now on, Indiveo’s information videos and animations can also be found in the Luscii app for telehealth coaching. They are a user-friendly way for patients to learn how to deal with their illness. The partnership between Luscii and Indiveo takes self-management to the next level.


Pulmonologist Ralph Koppers from the Medical Center Leeuwarden was frustrated by patient leaflets full of general information and endless paragraphs of text. To change this, he got together with designer Edwin de Boer to establish Indiveo. Their “Divis”, as they’re known, provide accessible and bespoke patient information, in audio and video form. Already, more than 30,000 patients have used Indiveo as a source of information. “We’re finding that, thanks to the information we provide, people are less unsure about what to expect,” says the pulmonologist.



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Example of a “Divi”

Education via the Luscii app

The Luscii app is now used in nearly half of all Dutch hospitals. The app has three main functions for remote patient coaching: home monitoring, education, and contact. “We wanted to modernize our educational element, but only with the very best user experience,” says Dr. Joris Janssen, Head of Product at Luscii. “Cid Berger, Commercial Director at health insurer De Friesland, put us in touch with Indiveo. Through their foundation, they had funded the creation of several Divis and thought there was great synergy.”

Strength in Synergy

Luscii’s goal is to coach patients towards independence. “Self-management is crucial to this,” stresses Joris. “By integrating Indiveo into Luscii, we can enable this in a very modern way. Bespoke information is instantly available in the app. And together we’re developing Knowledge Biites: short, interactive questionnaires that digitally coach patients in everyday situations. Exercise, nutrition, maintaining your network: All of this is covered in the Knowledge Biites.” Lung specialist Ralph Koppers is also enthusiastic. “This way, we can use our Divis even more widely and add to them.”

One App for all Diseases

The first Divi produced by the Luscii/Indiveo partnership was for people with COPD, but it doesn’t stop there. There are Divis for lots of specialties, and Luscii can already be used in various fields. The partnership is a great example of the strong synergy created when Dutch companies join forces.

Coala Life partners with Luscii


STOCKHOLM August 30, 2019 – Today Coala Life announces entry into the Dutch market in partnership with Luscii. The Netherlands, with healthcare expenditures approaching $100 Bn, is a major and influential hub in the European medical device industry frequently ranked in the top 5 global medical device markets.

The Swedish medtech company Coala Life, pioneer in digital cardiac diagnosis and user-centered medical innovations, has partnered with Luscii, a leader in remote healthcare and telemonitoring. The two companies will jointly make the Coala Heart Monitor available in the Netherlands through Luscii’s platform. Luscii has previously achieved significant success in supplying patient-centered solutions and their EMR-integrated digital health platform is already in use in nearly 50% of the hospitals in the Netherlands.

  • We are very pleased to join Luscii on their exciting journey to make healthcare more efficient. Their digital platform is world class and Coala could not have hoped for a better partner to enter the Netherlands with, says Dan Pitulia, CEO Coala Life AB.


  • Cardiologists ask us for best in class ways to support their cardiac patients, such as the growing group with atrial fibrillation. We are thrilled to work with Coala to bring their state of the art innovations to doctors, nurses and their patients on the Luscii platform, comments Dr. Daan Dohmen, CEO Luscii.

The Coala Heart Monitor will initially be available to selected Luscii customers before a full launch. The partnership includes the option to jointly introduce the Coala Heart Monitor in the United Kingdom at a later stage.