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Homecare organisations in the Netherlands

Homecare organisations all across the Netherlands use Luscii in their day to day care. They use it for videocare so they can contact patients 24/7 over a distance. A great example is Siza community care, who use Luscii to support their clients with mental disorders with day to day tasks.

Or Sensire Homecare and their medical service centre Naast. They offer a  24/7 ‘video phone service’ to their senior clients, powered by Luscii videocare. This service gives their clients freedom while freeing up valuable time for the (district) nurses.

Community care in Denmark, Sweden and the UK

In other countries, Luscii can be of great benefit too. Like in Sweden, where they use Luscii videocare to deal with long distances. Or in Denmark, where the elderly in municipalities in the north are supported via video communication. To find out which community and home care organisations already use Luscii, check out the map below. For a complete list, please feel free to contact the Luscii team directly.

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