digital health platform

“With my user friendly apps, I assist, calculate and coordinate. Giving you back necessary quality time to spend with your chronically ill patients.”

The digital health platform that helps save time

Luscii is a digital health platform that allows professionals and patients to manage chronic conditions efficiently and remotely. Luscii provides simple digital tools for care teams to remotely monitor patients and communicate over distance 24/7. Luscii is available as ready to use apps for telemonitoring and videocare. Based on an open, intelligent platform, the digital heart of Luscii.


Digital Heart

Luscii’s platform combines technical and medical knowledge that seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

  • Easy to use algorithms 
  • Integration into EMRs, such as Chipsoft HiX, Cardioportal or UMO
  • Open APIs for onboarding, alarms and patient data
  • Smart care pathway support


Luscii Vitals telemonitoring app with connected devices follows the condition of your patients remotely.

  • Clinically validated care plans 
  • Clear dashboard to manage population and processing alerts
  • Available for COPD, (gestational) Hypertension and Heart Failure
  • CE marked and GDPR compliant


Luscii Contact videocare enables you to easily communicate with your patients, wherever they are.

  • Secure and super sharp video-connection 
  • Smart address book
  • Virtual waiting room for consulting hours
  • Multiplatform (iOS, Android, web)

More than just an app

Luscii goes far beyond supplying just ‘an app’, by providing an end-to-end care solution. This means we will support you with implementation using our unique E3 implementation model. And you will become part of our Luscii community with peers to share knowledge, information and carry out research together. Find out more about our approach on the implementation & research page.

A smart and ever evolving engine

Luscii uses an evolving, revolutionary engine, its ‘digital heart’. Built upon millions of pieces of healthcare experience and trusted scientific algorithms, Luscii learns, evolves and improves every day. Luscii can already take care of:

  • Guide patients through regular health check-ups
  • Alert the right care professional when Luscii detects increased health risks
  • Signal relevant changes in trends and inform patients and their care team accordingly
  • Show insights to care teams about their population, integrated into the EMR
  • Coordinate (automated) feedback to patients, including arranging virtual consultations
  • Show patients’ and care team availability and handle virtual waiting room logistics 

Luscii continuously evolves. Every two weeks, new designs and functions based on data analyses and user feedback are released. To assist you better and smarter over time.

Luscii’s world

Revolutionising healthcare is exciting. Doctors, nurses and patients help to create Luscii. Read their personal stories and learn how they are changing the world of thousands of patients every day.