One app for all diseases

Are you receiving people at the outpatient clinic and thinking, could we not have done this remotely? And do you see seriously ill people at the ER whose symptoms have been getting worse for days? It’s a shame, isn’t it? Use the Luscii app for your patients and avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

Your expertise in the Luscii app.

We began with care pathways for COPD and heart failure, our Luscii Originals. Since then, we have made it possible to create your own Luscii Special: a digital care path specifically tailored to your patients in the home situation. Various specialists are now working on a Special. Do you have an idea, too? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You determine your instruments. We model the app.

Luscii is made up of digital building blocks. We call them instruments. There are dozens of instruments that you can use: blood pressure, pain score, SNAQ or EQ-5D. Is your instrument not yet included? Then we will simply add it. After all, you decide what your Luscii Special looks like.

Define measurements, choose linked equipment and create a questionnaire. 

Add content for education and self-management.

Decide when Luscii should warn your team: triage protocol for alarm.

Innovating together. Doing business together.

Have you made a Luscii Special and has its effect been clinically proven? Then your care path will become available to hospitals worldwide and you can share in its success. That’s how we stimulate collaboration and you earn on your investment. Create your own digital care path Validate its effectiveness Share with colleagues worldwide.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

We believe in sharing knowledge. Do you want to get started quickly? Then choose an existing program. The Luscii app can then be used immediately in a validated way for your patients. Is your disease not yet listed? Then design your own Luscii Special, together with us. It works as a simple building kit.

A selection of available programs:

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