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Luscii is a smart remote monitoring platform that eliminates unnecessary check-ups while allowing you to keep a virtual finger on the pulse of your patients.  After you have registered a patient with Luscii, the app regularly asks how things are going at home. The artificial intelligence in our platform analyses all the data. Does something require your attention? You will receive an instant message in your EHR.

But Luscii doesn’t stop there. The app coaches your patients without costing you any time. Through planned information sessions and tools for self-care. Such as videos about living with an illness. And of course, Luscii provides step-by-step insights into the patient journey and helps prepare for a consultation or procedure.

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Home measurement, self-care and contact.

Linked directly to your EHR.

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Luscii Library Astma

More than 700 smart functions, developed with healthcare professionals and patients

The Luscii platform has been developed to support you and your patients. You decide how you want to use the platform and which features you want to take advantage of. We help with the implementation to get you set up as quickly as possible.
Build your own Remote Patient Monitoring App-1

Offer patients home measurement (100+ connected devices), self-care, education, insight into their patient journey and contact via messages or video.

Clinical Engine-1

Process data from the app using smart algorithms for specific alerts and automated responses. Our medical device is CE Class IIa certified.

Care Dashboard-1

Gain insight into your patient population, view trends graphically and activate care plans, patient journey calendar data, 1st/2nd line protocol and self-registration.

A medical library marketplace-1

Choose from proven home monitoring programmes for over 40 care paths or create your own programme and share it.


Export data (FHIR), integrate Luscii into your EHR, link with other apps or use one of our standard integrations (e.g. Epic, HiX).

White Label Medical App-1

Make home monitoring part of your own brand by white labelling the app icon, logo, content, images, emails and more.

How Luscii supports your patients

The Luscii app gives your patients access to their own digital care plan, configured for their situation.

Todays overview

All actions planned by caregivers in one place, including reminders via push notifications


Vital values

Real-time data from connected home measurement devices, wearables or manual entries

Vitale waarden-1


Planned lessons, animations and links to brochures, reliable sites or care team



Learn how to handle (e.g. lung attack action plan) and trigger self-help based on data


Treatment path

Insight into the patient journey with preparation for consultations or procedures by date



Gain perspective on how things are going with scores, emojis and (validated) questionnaires


Remote contacts

Send integrated messages or make a video call


App connections

Access to connected third-party apps, such as patient portal or BeterDichtbij 

App koppelingen

Luscii means one platform for your hospital. Or even the entire region..

Luscii is very flexible and straightforward. Patients and caregivers, young and old, rate Luscii 4.6 out of 5 stars. The app can be used in a variety of situations within the hospital and primary care.
NHS Sunderland
Royal Wolverhampton NHS
Virtual Ward
UGMC Ghana

How Luscii supports you as a caregiver

We support your clinical outlook with real-time data from you patients and smart alerts for those in need of attention.

EHR integration

Actions and alerts direct onto your EHR task list that can be handled without leaving your EHR

EPD integratie

Population overview

Statistics of all included patients with details of the whole population

Analytics view

Patient chart

Relevant home monitoring data clearly displayed in graphics, trends and smart alerts

Digitale patiëntkaart

Smart messages

Send automated messages using AI, response templates or group messages

Slimme Bericten-1

A.I. Alerts

Smart AI alerts based on calculations, trends, measurement combinations and more


Care team

Automatic workflows for collaboration between primary care, medical call centre and outpatient clinic



One overview of all your patients that need your attention


Care Plan

Insight into all planned actions with templates and content customised per patient


Easy start

Getting started with home monitoring is easy. A Luscii implementation specialist will help. And our support desk is on hand to answer any of your patients’ technical queries. Thanks to the Luscii Library, you can also benefit from the experience of your peers. Here you will find successful home monitoring programmes for more than 40 medical conditions. Try them out instantly with one simple click.


Thanks to our API, Luscii connects seamlessly to other apps. Like the EHR.

Frequently asked questions

Luscii is a flexible platform for supporting home monitoring on a broad scale: home measurement, self-care, patient journey and contact. Frequently asked questions include:

Is Luscii safe?

Yes, Luscii is a CE Class IIa Medical Device and is certified for information security (ISO27001/NEN7510/ NEN7512). Luscii also works in accordance with a quality management system (ISO13485). We enter into a processing agreement with the healthcare organisation, which prohibits us from doing anything with the data.

How soon can I start using Luscii?

Most healthcare organisations start using Luscii within a month of signing the contract. If necessary, it can be even quicker. Like with COVID-19 at Home, where we connected a new hospital in just three days. Our Luscii specialists are on hand to help and have a wealth of experience. So no one has to reinvent the wheel.  

Did you know that Luscii is offering more and more self-implementations (a standard package enabling you to set up Luscii yourself) and group implementations? In such cases, an implementation is tackled together with a few care organisations or hospitals, which allows you to learn from and inspire each other.

What does Luscii cost?

Luscii works with one licence per specialism, which means Luscii can be used for all patients and any care path within that specialism. Feel free to check out the Luscii Library or get in touch with Chris.

Can Luscii be integrated into the EHR?

Luscii can be integrated into leading EHRs, such as HiX and EPIC. Luscii features an interface that enables integration with other EHRs and source systems too.

What about measuring devices?

Luscii can also provide the measuring equipment, but this is not compulsory. Many hospitals opt for Bring Your Own Device, which the Luscii app fully supports (over 100 measuring devices from different suppliers can be connected in various ways).

If you want Luscii to provide measuring equipment, this can be requested when registering a patient, for example, if a blood pressure monitor is required. Luscii will then deliver the device to the patient's home within 48 hours.

Can elderly patients use Luscii too?

Yes, we support patients of all ages and have made the user experience as simple as possible. Luscii is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars in the Appstore and Google Play Store. Our ORCHA score is 80%. If a patient is still struggling, our support department is on hand to help.

Can I customise Luscii for each patient?

Yes, Luscii can be customised on three levels:

1. Luscii can be set up per care path. You can choose relevant measurements, questionnaires, scores, self-care modules and determine when Luscii needs to send an alert (e.g. for a decline in trends, a combination of factors or overwriting values).

2. Luscii contains protocols within a care path. You can distinguish between different teams (e.g. primary or secondary care), offer a range of variants for early discharge, stable patients, titration or even for self-care. Luscii automatically adapts to the situation.

3. Luscii can be adjusted per patient. For instance, with individual thresholds or an extra measurement or questionnaire, educational lesson or setting that is relevant for the patient.

Learn more about Luscii

Experience for yourself just how useful Luscii can be for your care path. Try it out in the Luscii Library. Or arrange a demonstration with a Luscii specialist and have all your questions answered.