Make your digital healthcare idea a reality

As a healthcare professional, you might have an idea for using Luscii in your daily practice. Perhaps for more insight into the patient journey, for remote monitoring, or for both. As a Medical Developer, you can make your idea a reality. And if it's successful, you can share it in the Luscii Library. Benefitting your colleagues at the same time!

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Different licenses, different Programs

Luscii offers two licences: Journey and Monitoring. The first focuses on helping your patients get control over their own health and healthcare by supporting them on their patient journey. It contains features such as a timeline with insight into the treatment plan, self-care and preparation for consultations, treatment or surgery. The latter let them stay in touch with their care team instantly. This covers remote, which involves submitting vital values and symptoms, with smart alerts provided in your EHR if action is required. You can find Luscii programmes for both in the Luscii Library. And of course, you can combine them too.

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Change the world in 5 steps

Are you making your healthcare dreams come true? You can if you have completed the Certified Medical Developer Program. If not, the Luscii team will take you by the hand.

1. Ideation

Test your idea for feasibility by checking out our Library Guidelines, which every Program must comply with.

2. Preparation

Sign up for the Certified Medical Developer Program or request a quote from Luscii to develop for you.

Create Action
3. Luscii Labs

Start building your Journey or Monitoring Program and you will see your creation appear in the Luscii Library with a Luscii Labs badge.

General Health Complaints
4. Luscii Library

Make use of your Program at no extra cost and submit it to the Luscii Library for a 70% revenue share if used by colleagues from other healthcare organisations.

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5. Luscii Special

Upgrade your programme to the highest level by submitting it to our Medical Board and receive the Special badge.

Apply for the Certified Medical Developer Program

We offer you the possibility to develop Programs on the Luscii platform yourself. You do not need any technical knowledge, nor coding competences. By applying for the Certified Medical Developer Program you will receive anything you need to create Journey of Monitoring Programs instantly. This includes:

  • training to create by yourself
  • online support during development
  • access to the Luscii Builder software
  • access to the test environment

Costs for the Certified Medical Developer Program are € 950 per year per person.

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Proposal for creating a new Program

No time or interest in taking a training course? Yet you still want to bring your healthcare vision to life? Our team of trained doctors is on hand to help. Request a quote and we will check whether your idea meets the guidelines. If you give us the go ahead, we will create your Program together. Naturally, with your name attached in the Luscii Library, so you will receive 70% revenue if others use it.

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Library Guidelines

We want to keep the quality of the Luscii Library at the highest level. That's why we check every submitted programme to make sure it meets our guidelines. Then everyone knows that the Library programmes fulfil our standards.

Library guidelines