Expenses and reimbursements

Expenses and reimbursements

Sometimes you need to act decisively to not damage the company. For instance when you need a parking ticket to prevent a fine. The limitations of our societies mean that you will sometimes have to pay for a company expense up front and get reimbursed for it later. We want to make this as simple as possible. But if you can make payments through the company credit card we encourage you to do so as it generates less overhead. The Admin and the Treasurer will keep the card’s credentials.

Whenever you are in doubt whether something is reimbursable, please come and check with the Treasurer. It is unpleasant for everyone involved if you ask for an reimbursement after you have made the expense, but are not eligible. If the value of the expense is over the limits set in the company policies, make sure you have the appropriate approvals anyway.

Here are some examples to guide your expenses:



  • All travel costs associated with a customer visit. When traveling we trust you are able to balance the value of extra comfort with cost for the company. Short flights should always be in economy, but if traveling intercontinentally and needing to be top fresh the next day it might be worth it to take business class. That’s up to you.
  • If you need to print something for the company at the Printerette, go for it.
  • If you want to buy some books for general use, we love it when everyone grows. And books look good in the office.
  • When we do social activities with the entire company or an entire circle.

Not ok

  • If you have drinks with a few colleagues after work and it is not related to a circle wide or company wide activity. This sounds like friends hanging out, you have to use your own salary for that.
  • A Ferrari. Or any car for personal use for that matter.
  • Adding some extra days off after a visit abroad. You will have to take time off for this and pay your own expenses during that time.
  • Software that you purchase that is not part of the accepted toolset, even if you use that software for work.

When you have made expenses, you can submit a request for reimbursement through Nmbrs. The reimbursement request should contain a proof of payment (e.g., receipts); not that we don’t trust you but we need it for tax and bookkeeping legalities. After approval, the Admin role will make sure you receive your reimbursement (payments normally happen once every two weeks). Oh, and one more thing, you are obliged to improve this process if you know how we could do it. It is probably the most wasteful administrative process that touches everyone in the company.

Mobile phones and laptops

Your blood sweat and tears shouldn’t go unnoticed to your friends and family. So of course we want you to be able to show off the products. We are providing everyone with a phone and laptop. Currently we are leasing these devices from Apple. Phones get replaced every 2 years and laptops get replaced every 3 years if necessary.

A lot of people tend to throw their phone in the toilet, or leave it in sight in their car; both situations are suboptimal in our experience. Same for the laptop. When something happens to your devices, we have AppleCare+ to get the devices repared. Anything that is not covered under AppleCare+ is your own risk. See https://www.macworld.com/article/3227045/hardware/applecare-warranty-faq.html for details. 

Data and minutes are reimbursed in one of two ways, depending on your role: You get a fixed amount of money per month to go out and get yourself a shiny phone subscription.

  1. You have the freedom to choose whether you want to use your private number or you want to get a new subscription.
  2. You get a subscription directly from Luscii. This will mean that when you leave Luscii you will lose this number.

Travel to and from work, customers, and partners

Travel to and and from the Amsterdam office with public transport will be fully reimbursed. We advise against coming by car if you don’t want to spend a fortune on parking costs. Everyone that is a regular public transport user will get an NS business card that can be used for all work related travel. The bill for this will go directly to Luscii. Check in with the HR Admin if you think you need one.

Public transport travel will be reimbursed based on second class travel. If your journey takes you more than 1 hour on public transport (single leg) than you may choose to upgrade to 1st class if this helps you work during the journey. Check with the People Angel if you are in doubt about this. The NS Business Card can also be used for OV bikes, busses, metros and trams. Private use will lead to punishment and public shaming.

When traveling to customers and partners in the Netherlands, it is also preferable to use public transport, and you can use the NS Business Card. You can also get reimbursements for single tickets if you don’t have an NS Business Card. If you travel with your own motorized transport vehicle to customers or partners you will get reimbursed 0.31 ct (of which 0.19 ct is untaxed, and the rest is taxed)  and parking costs. Some roles require a lot of travel on a daily or weekly basis to customers within the Netherlands. Those people can also get a lease car from the company (which is not elaborated here but described in a separate document).