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“Hello…I’m Luscii. I am the guardian angel that watches over you and gives you back your freedom. I will always be there to keep you safely connected with your care team”.

Get Luscii as a patient

Luscii is a set of medical apps on your tablet or phone to use for chronic care. As a patient, homecare client or close relative, you know that having a chronic disease can be demanding. You have to stay at home to receive homecare. Or you have to visit the hospital for check-ups, even if nothing is wrong. And when you do worry, it’s often hard to reach your care team, especially outside of office hours. This sometimes results in hospital admissions that could have been prevented. With Luscii, we want to change this.

With our medical apps, patients can receive regular check-ups from home so hospital admissions can be avoided. They can also contact their care team 24/7 through secure video communication when something is wrong.

How does Luscii work?

Luscii currently has two Apps:


The Luscii Vitals app is used by patients with heart failure, COPD and severe hypertension. The doctor will configure the app with a measurement scheme and provide you with measurement devices, such as a scale or a blood pressure cuff.

The Luscii Vitals app will ask you to send vitals, like blood pressure, weight or questionnaires, at specific times instead of going to the hospital for regular check-ups. After a measurement, Luscii detects whether everything is okay or not. If there is an increased health risk, Luscii informs a specialised nurse or doctor directly. Please see the video below for more details.


The Luscii Contact app is used to help you communicate with your care team whenever you have questions. In the Luscii app, you’ll find a very easy to use address book with your personal care team. And you can see who is available at what time.

Luscii shows all relevant care team contacts for you. Not only your doctor or nurses and the 24/7 medical service centre, but your relatives or informal caregivers can also be added to give you complete peace of mind. You can easily see who is available and can reach out with just one click. Video is high quality and end-to-end encrypted.

Who can use Luscii?

Luscii is currently available in 5 countries, each in their own native language (The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and the UK). Luscii is used by patients with COPD, heart failure and hypertension that are treated in a hospital, and homecare clients, like the elderly who receive videocare (virtual visits of home care). Because Luscii is a medical App, it is only available on prescription by your doctor or nurse. Most insurance companies reimburse Luscii so patients can use it for free.

Although Luscii is very easy to use, the team behind Luscii understands that sometimes extra support is needed. So implementation specialists are available to help set up Luscii and give some training for those who need more help getting started.

Luscii, help me

This page is designed to give you all the patient information currently available. Do you still have questions or is your care organisation not yet on the list? Please reach out to Luscii:

Luscii’s world

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