Get Started

Worried about implementation? It’s simple if you take it step by step.

Did you know that almost half of all the Dutch hospitals already use Luscii? This shows how easy it is to get started. Our Implementation Specialists will guide you and your team through the three simple steps from the very beginning, to the first patient contact and on the new care pathway.

Evaluate to improve.

Each implementation phase is evaluated, to improve things for you and your patients and to help us improve the product. During the first, Experience, phase we focus on the quality of life of the patients and satisfaction of the healthcare professionals. In later phases we focus more on the economic and clinical benefits and time savings you achieve.

Isala patient doet een meting

Right care. Right place. Making an impact.

More and more top hospital systems starting to support their COPD-patients at home with the use of Luscii. The benefit, especially to patients’ quality of life, is so significant that the patient council of Isala Hospital awarded the scheme “Best initiative of 2018”. Further scaling up is supported by payers.

Inspiration! Scaling up Luscii with deep EMR-integration.

Haga Hospital had the honour. With the help of the Care Platform, it was here that Luscii was linked to the HiX EMR for the very first time. Healthcare providers now have direct access to home measurements in the EMR. This opens up the way to scale further across the entire hospital system.

Reinier Haga Groep EPD

Easy to us. For everybody.

The whole system is designed with ease of use at its heart. We provide your patients with all necessary equipment. And we explain everything clear and simply. Still have questions? We can be easily reached by phone. Our oldest patient is almost 100. It really is for everybody.

We take care of your data too.

Luscii is very clear when it comes to data: it belongs to the patient. And yo you too, if the patient is willing to share. We care about the privacy of our users. Our privacy- and security officers can tell you everything about it.