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We will start with Luscii together.

We will support you all the way. With translating your ideas into a digital care path. With training your employees and setting up research. Even with making a business case for the healthcare insurer. We are not a trendy supplier of technical gadgets. We are a company that seeks collaboration to ensure healthcare remains accessible to everyone.

Trust is the foundation of success.

The Corona Check, which we developed together with OLVG Amsterdam City Hospital, required speed. There were just five days between the idea and going live. It was a great success because employees of OLVG and Luscii trusted each other and shared a common goal: to keep healthcare accessible in times of crisis. We are now working with OLVG on a digital cardiology clinic.

Learning from each other.

How great is it that web developers brainstorm with nurses about the design of the Luscii pro app? We organise regular meetings where healthcare professionals and Luscii employees come together. Exchange ideas, learn from each other’s experiences. New forms of cooperation often arise, such as in the Luscii education program.

Working together abroad.

Luscii is currently active in Europe and Africa. But working well together from a distance is also achievable. In the UK’s Sunderland, for example, we are a partner of the NHS program, “All together better”. Hospital, doctors and community care are integrated and we connect patients to the right healthcare professional.

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Patient friendly. And that’s what we get in return.

Hundreds of thousands of patients use Luscii. Their appreciation gives us a sense of pride. But we work hard for that. We deliver measuring equipment straight to the home. And we explain everything personally. If we have to, we’ll just drop by without keeping our eye on the clock. Do you still have questions? We are easily accessible by phone.

Safe with data.

We are clear about data. This belongs to the patient. And to you, as a caregiver, if the patient shares this with you. We safeguard the privacy of users, are strict with safety regulations and have all the necessary certificates. Because we like to be sure of our business, we regularly organise an external audit. Our security and privacy officers will be happy to tell you more.


Luscii is compliant with ISO and NEN.

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Luscii is a medical device and has CE Mark.


Luscii is guided by SOLV lawyers on data.

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Luscii is guided by Deloitte Legal on compliance.