Healthcare providers

We will start with Luscii together.

Patients, young and old, are very satisfied with the Luscii app. Healthcare providers are given new opportunities to monitor the well-being of patients at home. More and more hospitals, at home and abroad, are opting for a future with Luscii. Do you want to make the step towards modern healthcare? We will take your team and your patients by the hand.

Starting and scaling up.

Home measurement is more than just a technical trick. It is a new way of organising care. That’s why we appoint an experienced implementation specialist who guides your team step by step with the help of a validated roadmap. Is everyone familiar with the new way of working? Then an impact specialist will support your organisation in upscaling further. Naturally, this also includes a business case, which we will help you make.

Personal explanation for patients.

There are hundreds of thousands of patients who have experience with Luscii. Their appreciation gives us a sense of pride. But for that, we work hard. We deliver measuring equipment to your home if necessary. And we explain everything personally. If we have to, we will drop by without keeping our eyes on the clock. Are there any questions? Our helpdesk is easily accessible.

For all specialisms.

Luscii can be used for any specialism, from paediatrics to geriatrics. You choose the measuring equipment, compile educational lessons and determine in the Clinical Engine* when Luscii should send you a warning. As a result, each department can put together its own Luscii Specials: tailor-made home measurement programs for all patient categories. And all this via a single app.

Your entire hospital future-proof?

More and more Dutch hospitals are choosing to make Luscii available to all departments. What these organisations have in common is a clear and widely supported vision of the future. Would you also like to work with us on exceptional, future-proof hospital care? Feel free to contact us.