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The magic of thinking big and starting small

Every belief starts with an experience. Luscii grants you the opportunity to personally experience telemonitoring or videocare first before integrating digital services step by step into the care pathway of your organisation.

Starting small, Luscii’s implementation specialists will guide your team through the start and evolution of employing digital monitoring and videocare with our proven E3-implementation model. We use a step-by-step procedure, with each phase having its own goals, deliverables and clear GO/ NO GO moments. In this way, you can learn quickly and mitigate risks before scaling up. Our experience package will guide you through all steps easily. From the first few patients, right up to implementation on a mass scale.

Phased E3 implementation model


4 – 6 Months

Proof of concept

Experience telemonitoring and videocare within a small patient population, while learning about processes, skills and protocols necessary to scale up to the Evolve phase.

  • Testing systems, processes and the design structure
  • Project plan and align expectations
  • Patient Journey, including processes and protocols
  • Training professional care team
  • Patient focus group
  • Concept business case
  • Recommendations for Evolve phase

6 – 18 Months


Implement the lessons learned from the Experience phase, while scaling up to 150 patients. Design and prepare processes, protocols and IT integration for roll out.

  • Include up to 150 patients
  • Implement recommendations for proof of concept
  • Introduce a central Service Centre for monitoring and triage
  • Explore and start negotiations for structural financing
  • Explore integration into EMR
  • Start ‘clinical’ research

1 Month

Total rollout

Digital services available for all patients who could benefit. Solidify insights about your population. Luscii has become the default way of care.

  • Scale up to 500+ patients
  • New care pathway integrated
  • Scalable operations with the support of a Medical Service Centre
  • Agreements on financial reimbursements
  • Whenever possible, integration into EMR and infrastructure
  • Jointly develop best practices

Luscii experience package includes


Test and learn while implementing digital tools into the care flow on a small scale. Safely and quickly explore how to optimise outcomes and recognise requirements for scaling up. Luscii’s specialists will guide you through the process of getting telemonitoring or videocare up and running.


Monitor the effects of adding Luscii to your team and services. The research package, supported by our PhD, will generate data on (clinical) outcomes and patient experience to validate your business case and negotiate reimbursement.


Luscii makes technology work simply and effortlessly. Luscii takes care of hosting, backend maintenance, EMR integration, patient installation at home, service support and device logistics. So everyone else can focus on what they do best.

Communication and PR

Be good and spread the word. Share your stories in Luscii’s world to help inspire others. Luscii encourages her clients to radiate by creating awareness of  achievements and promoting the availability of digital services to patients. 

(c) Foto Ronald Goedheer
Business case

True innovation means sustainably changing the way you deliver care and creating a positive business case. Luscii is fully reimbursed by many insurers and together we will build your case based upon solid models.


Luscii believes in the power of the community and sharing experiences and knowledge with peers. Our clients join together in sharing sessions throughout the year and learn and improve digital care pathways collectively.

Evidence based

Luscii invests a lot in research. We have our own researchers, PhDs and MScs, that study the effects of Luscii in day to day care. In each project we start, PROMs and data are analysed to show and validate the effects of using Luscii for telemonitoring and videocare. Recent studies show a dramatic decrease in admissions and hospital costs. Links to the publications will be published in Luscii’s world as soon as they are available.

  • Over 350 healthcare professionals prescribe Luscii
  • More than 40 care institutes in hospital and community care work with Luscii
  • Over 100,000 measurements of vital signs are sent in each month
  • Around 6,000 videoconsults are made with Luscii every day

Luscii’s world

Revolutionising healthcare is exciting. Doctors, nurses and patients helped to create Luscii as it is today. Read their personal stories and learn how they are changing the world of thousands of patients every day.