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Luscii is a digital health platform that allows professionals and patients to manage chronic conditions efficiently and remotely. Luscii provides simple digital tools for care teams to remotely monitor patients and communicate over distance 24/7. Luscii is available as ready to use apps for Android, iOS and web. Based on an open, intelligent platform, the digital heart of Luscii.

We believe all patients deserve the best care. Technology can help us to achieve this goal. That’s why we’ve developed Luscii, the most intuitive, smart and secure digital health platform to support doctors and nurses by watching over their patients remotely.

We aim to change the world for the better. And have to start with ourselves. Therefore we’ve organised Luscii in a unique way, following the principles of Holacracy. By doing so, all Lusciians can reach their full potential and have the freedom to work the way they love. Want to learn more about this?

Do you also believe it’s down to us to create our own future? If the answer is yes, we would be thrilled to meet you!

Open jobs

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Senior (Lead) Frontend Developer

As a senior / lead frontend developer at Luscii you will be turning our apps into world class healthcare products. Your focus will be on developing the Luscii Vitals web application. And besides that, you will have the choice / control over which roles you are interested in contributing to Luscii as we are working according to the holacracy principles. We value showing initiative and taking responsibility as part of our Luscii culture.

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Open application

Imagine the impact you could have on improving healthcare (globally).
We are always looking for great people want to become a Lusciian. We got interest from doctors, nurses, technicians, marketeers, business people and even patients who want to help and/or join us in developing and improving Luscii further to make sure everyone can get the best possible care.

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Support Hero (NL)

We are looking for fun and friendly students who’d like to work at Luscii as Support Hero. In this role you’ll help our users, both care providers and patients. Knowledge of both Dutch and English is a requirement.

We at Luscii

We want to create a happy, safe, motivating and energizing work environment for our diverse group of people at Luscii. Therefore we want to give each other the freedom to be our best selves. We care about each other and want to see each other flourish at work.

Therefore we believe in helping and supporting when one is in need, respecting our differences, encouraging each other to face challenges and new learnings, being open to creative ideas and last but not least – showing each other appreciation. Approaching our work, colleagues and customers in a positive and optimistic way will help us maintain such an environment, so everyone feels valued and is happy to come to work every day.

Giving each other freedom means understanding that we come from different backgrounds and bring our own unique knowledge, opinions, skills and toolsets. We might ask questions that are crystal clear to others, we might need to learn what others already know, we might have communication problems, all of us will make mistakes at some point and learn from them in our own ways. But we should remember that despite all those, we all share the same goal at Luscii – bridging the gap between chronic care and technology.

We care about our customers and our goal is to also give them freedom and bring a spark of energy into their lives, whether it is the freedom to live their lives to the fullest despite their illness or the ability to help all their patients in an efficient and effective way..

Read the book

We at Luscii helps you have the freedom to act in a way that aligns with our company values, our rules (we try keep them as simple as possible) and in a collaborative and respectful spirit. This is a living document that outlines our people policies balancing the needs of the employees with the needs of the company.