iOS developer

iOS developer

Rik is looking for a colleague

I love to create beautiful apps that matter, and those are exactly what we try to do at Luscii. I’m really proud of the work we’re doing here. There’s so much creativity here, and working for a product company makes it possible to continuously improve the apps.

We want to develop loosely coupled code with testability in mind. That often leads to cool/nerdy architectural discussions about VIPER and MVVM, but we tend to choose pragmatic solutions that delivers results quickly over sticking to one design pattern.

I like to mess around with the Swift generics system to create powerful abstractions that remove repetitive work for us, and I’m a big fan of RxSwift. One thing I’d like to get better at are UIKit animations, we could create a lot more depth in our interface with a few subtle transitions.

Imagine the impact you could have on improving healthcare (globally)…

We have a great opportunity for an iOS developer. Join us in developing and improving Luscii further to make sure everyone gets the best possible care. Anywhere, anytime, globally.

We are looking for an experienced iOS developer who are not afraid of challenges, love learning, is data driven and is interested in a close work with the business.

Interested? Let us know.

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What makes this all interesting?

As iOS Developer at Luscii you will be turning our iOS apps into world class healthcare products. Your focus will be either on Luscii cVitals (remote monitoring for patients with severe hypertension, COPD or heart failure) or Luscii cContact (videocare and telemedicine). And besides that, you will have the choice / control over which roles you are interested in contributing to Luscii. We value showing initiative and taking responsibility as part of our Luscii culture.

Together with the iOS guild and other circles you will be part of, you have great influence on technical choices and you ensure high test code coverage, documentation of interfaces, and neatly refactored code and architecture.

Still not convinced?

  • We have flexible working hours, I mean… who doesn’t like to work whenever he is most productive. And at the location of your choice, so also from home every now and then?
  • You get 10% personal time and budget to develop your skills, organise a hackathon, work on pet projects, or share / gain knowledge
  • We will provide you with the hardware you need to be as effective as possible
  • Creative playful start-up office in the center of Amsterdam
  • Monthly company activities organised by our culture creators
  • Lunch is taken care of by our Foodie Possibilities for visiting conferences or taking courses
  • Expat services (we help you to get to Amsterdam and find your way)
  • And don’t forget about salary based on your knowledge and experience, pension and travel allowance
  • Oh… and we are a formal Apple Mobility Partner which is a nice perk for iOS freaks as well 😉

Who are you?

We want to be part of the best in our field. So we embrace learning and getting better every day. At Luscii, we don’t have to motivate you to keep track of relevant developments in the field of iOS and Swift. It would be great if you’re already up to date about technologies like Realm, RxSwift, and build tools such as Fastlane, but you’re always yearning to know more and more. We support this!

And before diving into our ‘wishlist’, an important thing to mention is that Luscii is based on teamplay. So we don’t look for heroes (only at the football table 😉 ) but for people who really like to be part of a (international) team that helps and stand outs for each other.

Our ideal candidate:

  • 3+ years of experience as Mobile Developer and significant experience with iOS
  • 5+ years of experience as software engineer / developer
  • Knowledge of object oriented design and the most important design patterns
  • Fluent in English (speech and writing)
  • Experience with Scrum / Kanban, Git version control, RESTful APIs, and JSON
  • Experience with UI and animations in iOS, a good feeling for design and aware of iOS Design Guidelines
  • Knowledge of the XCTest framework and UI and Unit Testing in XCode


  • Is interested in learning and working in a Holacracy organization and
  • Shares our passion to make this world a better place, especially in the field of healthcare

Interested? Let us know.

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