ATEA is our partner to serve customers in Sweden.

Swedish healthcare has major challenges with an increasing proportion of the population becoming older and as we live longer with the sickness we have. Add the travel distance to our hospitals (especially in the remote regions) and we see we have to invest in digitizing care. Technology and welfare need to be united, and ATEA is our partner to serve customers in Sweden. University Hospital Sahlgrenska, Vardcentralen Närhalsän, City of Gothenburg and Region Gävleborg are already using Luscii in their digital care pathway. Atea is their trusted local party, with wide knowledge on how to integrate new solutions in existing IT environments.

Want to learn and experience yourself? Especially for international interested parties we help you organize a study trip on digital care. In two days you can get an overview on the latest development in healthcare, work out your own strategy in a workshop, and take home inspiration to proceed yourself. Already Stockholms LänLansting, Uppsala and Gävleborg have been visiting FocusCura, The Smart City of Utrecht, Medical Service Centre Naast, and some hospitals that run telemonitoring programs etc. Don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can help you set up a program that suits your learning needs.

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