Home measurement, education and contact.

With the Luscii app, you can guide patients at home from the hospital. They take their own measurements, answer questions about their well-being and receive education. Is there an abnormal measurement? The artificial intelligence of Luscii vitals, our Clinical Engine, provides an instant alert. You can make direct contact via chat or a razor-sharp video connection.

An accessible app.

Luscii makes it easy for patients. When it’s time for a home measurement or an educational lesson, the app sends a signal. Entering data yourself is not necessary. Almost all measuring equipment connects wirelessly to the app. With one click, the patient can send measurements, view simple charts or read information about their condition.

Information that every patient understands.

Patients benefit from accessible information that stimulates illness insight and provides guidance in daily life. That’s why we offer education in the Luscii app, together with our partners. Interactive information through image and sound that really inspires patients to make the most of their situation at home. Also suitable for people with limited reading skills.

Contact is made in no time.

Contact is made in no time.

Moments of contact are indispensable, especially when things aren’t going so well at home. For that reason, the Luscii Pro dashboard allows you to send a (standard) message to your patient with one click or start a video call. Thanks to our integration with BeterDichtbij, there are even more options, such as sending photos and repeat prescriptions or taking part in group communication.

Overview. In your EPD or mobile.

In addition to contact functions, the Luscii Pro dashboard offers you a clear view of your entire patient population. Seamlessly integrated into the EPD, available as an app for the iPad or iPhone, or simply via the web. You can register patients easily without retyping. And data and alerts are available on your work list. So all patient data is together, including clear charts and personal care plans.

Overview. In your EPD or mobile.
The heart of Luscii.

The heart of Luscii.

An important foundation that lies beneath Luscii is Luscii vitals, our Clinical Engine, a smart API that supports healthcare providers in efficient monitoring of patients (IFU). This is a Class IIa certified medical device under the Medical Device Directive (MDD). The smart software supports healthcare providers who monitor the health of patients via telemonitoring. Abnormal values or trends are automatically detected thanks to artificial intelligence. This helps healthcare providers to make decisions, reduces healthcare consumption and increases patient satisfaction.

Luscii app with the brand identity of your hospital.

Have you decided to implement Luscii hospital-wide? In that case, we’ll be happy to design the Luscii App with your own logos, texts and images. This means that patients only see the brand identity of your hospital, which inspires trust and continuity. The Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital (CWZ) was the first to benefit in this regard.

An example of the Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital (CWZ) white label app

Safe with data.

We monitor the privacy of users, are strict with security regulations and have all the necessary certificates. Because we like to be sure of our business, we regularly organise an external audit. Our security officers would be happy to tell you more.

Luscii healthtech B.V is compliant with ISO and NEN


Luscii vitals is a CE-certified Class IIa medical device under MDD (IFU)

Luscii privacy is guided by SOLV Lawyers

Luscii compliance is guided by Deloitte Legal