Home measurements. A world of difference.

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With the Luscii app you can help your patients at home. They take measurements themselves and share how they’re feeling. You keep an overview. And you can contact them via messages or video call. You ask questions. You observe. And if needed you can adjust the treatment immediately.

No hassle. Fully integrated with your EHR.

No one wants extra admin. That’s why Luscii’s ability to seamlessly integrate into multiple EHR systems is so important. Patients’ home measurements are clearly visible. And notification will be automatically pushed in the normal work queue. This helps you save even more time.

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Wireless. But fully connected.

Luscii is built using some of the world’s most advanced technology. We are an Apple Mobility partner and globally collaborate with Omron Healthcare. We wirelessly link user friendly measuring equipment to the Luscii app and patients can enter their own measurements themselves if needed. Maximum convenience. For tablet and smartphone.

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Use Luscii for any disease area. Create your own care pathway.

Luscii has a library of existing home measurement programs, developed by leading physicians and healthcare providers from around the world – just chose the one that best meets your needs. Is your target patient group missing? Then you can create your own digital pathways as a Luscii Special. It’s an easy as A-B-C.

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