Our values

Our values

We want to create a happy, safe, motivating and energizing work environment for our diverse group of people at Luscii. Therefore we want to give each other the freedom to be our best selves. We care about each other and want to see each other flourish at work. 

Freedom sparks energy

Therefore we believe in helping and supporting when one is in need, respecting our differences, encouraging each other to face challenges and new learnings, being open to creative ideas and last but not least – showing each other appreciation. Approaching our work, colleagues and customers in a positive and optimistic way will help us maintain such an environment, so everyone feels valued and is happy to come to work every day.

Giving each other freedom means understanding that we come from different backgrounds and bring our own unique knowledge, opinions, skills and toolsets. We might ask questions that are crystal clear to others, we might need to learn what others already know, we might have communication problems,  all of us will make mistakes at some point and learn from them in our own ways. But we should remember that despite all those, we all share the same goal at Luscii – bridging the gap between chronic care and technology.

We care about our customers and our goal is to also give them freedom and bring a spark of energy into their lives, whether it is the freedom to live their lives to the fullest despite their illness or the ability to help all their patients in an efficient and effective way.

  • We trust each other with the freedom to make decisions and act the way they see fit
  • We approach our work, colleagues and customers in a positive and optimistic way
  • We give each other the freedom to fulfil our potential, to learn, to fail, and to ask
  • We value bold new ideas and encourage trying out and learning from them
  • We show our appreciation and celebrate success every day

Grow to last

We are here for Luscii’s purpose. We are aiming for a long lasting impact. And we want to grow with and at Luscii. We want to build products that add value to our customers, in the future and also already today. We are trying to solve a problem that will only be growing, therefore we want to build sustainable solutions.

As a small company our resources, time, and money are limited. And just as we care about Luscii and our customers, we care about ourselves, our families, our friends and our work life balance. We don’t want to be constantly overwhelmed by deadlines. Therefore we should be very focused on our long term vision and goals, aka the big picture.

The big picture should be clear and actionable to all of us. If you are not sure what the big picture is – you have to ask. We should always keep the big picture on our mind – from the smallest tasks we do daily to new external opportunities. Ask yourself: will this opportunity serve our long term goals, will this task make a good use of our resources, will this set of tools help us work efficiently, will this solution be usable in the future or am I introducing a shortcut we will need to rebuild soon? Clarify to yourself why you are working on specific tasks and how those add value. These insights will help Luscii grow to last, will help you make informed decisions and will bring energy and inspiration to your work.

  • We always consider the big picture while getting a ton of stuff done every day
  • We set impactful goals and say no to opportunities that distract us from our long term success
  • We have high standards and are open minded to improve ourselves and each other
  • We focus on adding customer value today
  • We respect our work life balance in order to grow sustainably

Courage for integrity

To make Luscii succeed we want to create lasting, honest and trustworthy relationships internally and externally. Giving each other freedom is challenging and requires trusting each other and believing each of us has the best intentions for Luscii. Trust is maintained by being honest, humble and credible.

If we need help or make a mistake – we have the courage to be honest and transparent about it. We will learn from this and set an example to others, who will value our integrity. When we sense tensions, we have the courage to speak up about them. If we give feedback – we make it actionable and constructive, so it will be useful and helpful for others. If we receive feedback from colleagues, partners or customers – we appreciate it and take it as an opportunity to grow.

Making decisions – since individual beliefs and opinions are formed through the lens of individual experiences, they are biased. We are creatures of emotion. Therefore we prefer to rely on information and data to better understand our colleagues, customers and partners and make informed decisions, showing our gut feelings can be right or wrong.

  • We have the courage to be honest to ourselves, our team, partners and customers
  • We have the humility to embrace our shortcomings and learn from our failures
  • We give and receive constructive and actionable feedback
  • We are result oriented and value data over opinions to make decisions
  • We thrive on transparency and trust