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Personal growth

Personal growth

And Luscii helps with that, giving you the money and time to pursue the personal growth of your dreams. We reserve 4% of your annual salary for training, conferences, books, external coaching or any other way you want to spent that. If you want to spend that money, just go ahead, no strings attached and no approvals needed. You know best what you need to grow. You will get reimbursed through the regular channels.

Remember that learning and growing happens in several ways. You can do formal courses or trainings, you can try new things, fail and learn, and you ask for coaching, reviews, or input from your colleagues. Often it is not the most expensive course that will give the most value. So we ask you to think carefully about what the best path is for you to your reach growth. We have team of dedicated trusted coaches at your disposal to help clarify your goals and provide you direction when you need it.

Growing to last means each of us gets the most out of themselves.

If you have a dream that happens to be more expensive than 4% of your annual salary, you can save up to three years of your personal budget. When you do spend more than 4% of your annual salary on one event, and you happen to leave us (by your own choice) within a year from that event, we think it is fair to ask you to pay back 50% of the cost. Come and talk to the People Angel to get everything sorted and approved before you make commitments over 4% of your annual salary.