promise & impact

“Through my apps, I help to create a world in which all chronically ill people get the personal care they deserve”.

Bring healthcare to your patients

At Luscii, we believe all patients deserve the best care. And for you, as a doctor or nurse, we hope to bring joy to your work knowing you can help the right patients at the right time. Mobile technology can help us to achieve this goal.

Using Luscii telemonitoring, you can deliver healthcare independent of time and place. Your patients can send in vital signs directly from home. And with Luscii videocare, you can easily communicate with them, bringing the waiting room right into their living room!

This idea is not new in itself. But Luscii transforms this initiative from a vision into daily practice. Luscii promises that any doctor, nurse or care organisation can revolutionise healthcare. Just like the cardiologists at CCN are achieving every day with the Luscii powered HeartGuard-service, as shown in the video.

We make digital health fun and easy

Luscii understands that you’ve chosen to become a care provider – not a technician or a health economist. And we believe that everyone should do what they do best. Therefore, it’s our promise to offer what we call an end-to-end solution. Our team helps you with all aspects of getting started with digital health: implementation, reimbursements, technology and device logistics. We will even visit your patients to set up Luscii in their own home.

Impact on society

We created Luscii to really have an impact on society. We believe in a shared responsibility to help each other out. Especially those who are vulnerable or in need, like the elderly or chronically ill. We continuously measure our impact as part of our ‘definition of victory’. We will only succeed once we have contributed to improving lives and leaving our planet a little bit better off than how we found it. Our strong values guide us towards achieving our goal.

Luscii’s world

Revolutionising healthcare is exciting. Doctors, nurses and patients help to create Luscii. Read their personal stories and learn how they are changing the world of thousands of patients every day.