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Everyone should feel safe and secure


At Luscii we think it is important that everybody feels safe and secure. All forms of (sexual) intimidation, aggression, bullying, harassment, or discrimination will not be tolerated or accepted for any reason. If you experience or notice any of these situations, address the person who is doing it immediately. If you think your message is not getting through, the behavior repeats or if you feel unsafe addressing the person, we hope you will inform the People Angel, or seek help from one the trusted coaches or the company doctor (who has to keep this confidential).

Physical safety is safeguarded through the AED, first aid kit, and fire fighting tools in the office. There are a number of employees trained in first aid and office safety procedures (called bedrijfshulpverlener BHV in Dutch). They are responsible for first aid and resuscitation, evacuation, fire fighting, and flagging alarms.