In response to the impeding crisis in the Netherlands, and inline with the arguments presented by Hollander & Carr, one of the largest Dutch hospitals (the OLVG, located in Amsterdam) together with one of the largest tele-monitoring providers in the Netherlands, set out to develop a tele-monitoring program to triage and attend to potential COVID-19 cases in the general population. Within days, in a joint effort, a tele-monitoring application that allows patients to register potential symptoms was created and released. The complete tele-monitoring system consists of a patient facing application, an interactive dashboard for healthcare providers, and a team of healthcare providers that monitors and evaluates the collected data at the level of individuals. Usage of this system, compared to standard offline care, speeds up the process of continuously triaging large groups of people over a longer period of time thus freeing up valuable resources. Despite being conceived primarily to relieve the burden imposed on the healthcare system by making triage and monitoring more efficient, the resulting tele-monitoring application collects potentially valuable data. Acknowledging the societal value this data might have we have ensured that all regulations (ethical, legal) are in place to disclose anonymized versions of the resulting dataset to the scientific community.

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