“As a guardian angel, I will watch over your patients. I will always be there to provide you with insights and will call upon you when needed”.

Empower your patients to feel safe, wherever they are

Experiencing capacity pressures on your outpatient clinic? Luscii Vitals enables you to monitor your patients from the comfort of their home. Based on their data and visual trends, you can intervene proactively, focus on patients who need you most and save valuable time. 

Luscii’s Vitals app and connected measurement devices will guide your patients to send in their vitals, according to their personalised care plan. The simplicity of the design ensures quality data generation and total usability. No matter the age of your patient. Through clear visualisation of the trends, patients gain more insight and control over their condition. In the case of an increased risk, Luscii alerts you directly and presents a clear overview of your entire patient population. Based on such trends and alerts, you can intervene proactively using videocare, and subsequently prevent deterioration or admittance.

cVitals alerts dashboard

Integrate Luscii Vitals into your care flow

Include patients straight from the EMR

Easily onboard patients from the EMR to set up a personalised and clinically validated care plan that fits their needs. Or view their data using our web viewer.

Set up individualised care plans

Every patient requires a different approach. Set up a personalised plan that fits their needs, including threshold values and scheduled measurements. 

Exception based triage saves time

The intuitive dashboard, which combines alerts with data history and trends, enables you to process alerts more efficiently and focus solely on the patients that need you most.


Happy patients and staff

Knowing you are kept an eye on reassures and empowers patients in their daily life. 81% of Luscii’s users experience improved quality of care. Care teams save time and can intervene when needed. 


Luscii’s digital heart is ever evolving. New features are released every week.

Efficient dashboard for alert handling

EMR workflow integration

Exception based triage to focus on patients who need your time most

Clinically validated and personalised care plans

Vitals is a CE marked medical device

Quality data through connected devices

Simple and ready to use Apps

End to end solution from patient to doctor

Visual trends create insight

Client testimonials

“Luscii gives me support and confidence. My day just gets a little better, more bearable, because I know I’m not alone. That is what I feel and I wish that others suffering with COPD can have access to this care experience as well”.

Dhr. P.
COPD Patient
Luscii digital health patient Hennie Sollie

“When you have an exacerbation, you lose all strength, you lose everything. Going to the hospital is physically very taxing! Videocare saves me about two or three trips to the hospital”.

Hennie Sollie
COPD Patient

Luscii’s world

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