OLVG en partner ziekenhuizen - Corona Check

Thank you for registration

Current demand means it may take up to five minutes before you receive an e-mail from us.

You will receive an e-mail containing further instructions. OLVG makes use of the Luscii app to offer the OLVG corona check. This is an existing app that was modified expecially for OLVG.

As OLVG’s care providers will be able to use the OLVG Coronavirus Check to remotely monitor the health of large groups of people, we expect to be able to better meet the care needs in our area. We would therefore gladly make use of your help! 

Please note: this app is not a replacement for regular care or emergency services. If you are seriously ill or have a highly urgent question that cannot wait, then please take action yourself.

If you have any questions about OLVG Coronavirus Check, then read the frequently asked questions on www.olvgcoronacheck.com