How, when, and where to work

Your home away from home, we try to grow our office to last.

The office

Although we have someone accountable for the office, and we have cleaners coming in regularly, we all have a responsibility to keep the office pleasant and effective. Understand that this is a shared space and everyone’s standards might be different. Err on the side of tidyness if you are in doubt, and always always always always put your own stuff in the dishwasher. Clean up the after your lunch, and if your are one of the last to leave, give the tables and kitchen a quick wipe.

A developer that gets interupted loses 15 to 30 minutes of productivity, even if the interruption was only for 10 seconds (real science!). So be considerate of the noise you generate when you meet with others or take phone calls. You can always grab a room. When you have visitors, the door doesn’t open itself, so make sure you will not burden others with receiving them.

Everyone gets a tag to open the doors, and an app to open the front door downstairs. When you are the last one to leave, you have to close all the windows, turn off all the lights and aircon, and turn on the alarm. The week we moved into the office our dishwasher got stolen; and no one wants to be without a dishwasher (real science too!). So never forget the alarm!