Time off

We enjoy a lot of freedom and responsibility at Luscii, but one thing is required: you have to take personal time off.

We enjoy a lot of freedom and responsibility at Luscii, but one thing is required: you have to take personal time off. We know it can be hard to be away from your colleagues and the enjoyment of fussball after lunch, but we also know that is essential for you to take breaks in between the sprints of work.

Time off

In case of full time employment, you get 26 days of paid personal time off per calendar year. If you are with us only parttime or part of of the year, days are limited accordingly. If you want more days, you can always swap salary for extra days (20 days per year max). The days remain valid for 3 years. You cannot sell off your days for extra salary as we think it is important that everyone takes regular brakes. So don’t forget to use them!

All the Dutch public holidays, celebrating often long forgotten traditions, are extra time off not eating into your 26 days. Yay!

With the freedom of organizing your work the way it is most effective for you and your team, also comes the freedom to compensate short leaves (a few hours a day for visiting the doctor for instance) yourself. Just use your own judgment and compensate the missed hours at some other time during the week.

How to take personal time off

Step 1

Check with your circles whether they are okay with it. Make sure everyone knows when you are away and urgent roles are distributed.

Step 2

Register your time off in your Nmbrs account so that we can nudge you when you are not taking enough holidays.

Step 3

Enjoy your adventures! And send us a card!

Special cases

There are some special situations in which you can get extra paid time off:

  • Getting a registered partnership, getting married, celebrating a 25 year or 40 year marriage, or having a brother, sister, parent, child, or grandchild that is getting married: 1 day.
  • Passing away of a spouse or child: 4 days
  • Passing away of a parent, brother or sister: 2 days
  • Passing away of a grandparent, spouse’s grandparent, grandchild: 1 day
  • After a spouse has given birth: The amount of hours you work in a week.
  • When adopting or becoming a foster parent: 4 weeks
  • During calamities / urgent situations that you cannot otherwise overcome during working hours, you have the right to calamiteitenverlof (e.g., voting, picking up a sick child).

Care leave

At Luscii we know what it means to care for others. If you are the only one available to care for a sick child, spouse or parent, you can request a maximum of 10 days per year to do so. You will receive 70% of your salary during this time. If you need more time to care for someone, you can take an unpaid leave. Discuss this with the People Angel.

Parental leave

We follow the Dutch law when it comes to parental and maternity leave. Come and talk to the People Angel if you’d like to know more.

All employees caring for a child under 8 years old, get 26 weeks of (semi) unpaid (with benefits) parental leave per child. During the parental leave, the contract hours will be reduced accordingly for periods of 12 months. During the first 12 months of this leave, the pension premiums will remain in effect as if the employee was working all hours regularly.