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What is the purpose of the coaches?

The main purpose of the coaches is to improve employee fit and vitality in the company. The coaches are there to help you figure out what you need, and how you can get that. The coaches aren’t there to fix your problems for you, that is something you ultimately have to do yourself, but they can help you clarify the situation, change your view on things, and get you moving in the right direction. So if you, for instance, feel stressed out, don’t know how to handle a colleague, are worried about something, or have questions about your personal development, you can get in touch with one the coaches to talk about this.

The coaches will also try to monitor how everyone is doing and can also proactively schedule a coaching session with you if they think you might benefit from it. We also currently have set a policy where we will invite everyone for a check in with a coach at least once every three months. So don’t be scared when you get an invite, we are just there to help. And never forget to take care of yourself. But feel free to cancel the invite if you don’t need anything at that moment.

Coaches will keep sessions with you confidential, and only share information about what was said with your consent. Coaches might sometimes ask you if they can discuss a case with other coaches to be able to better support you.

“We don’t make mistakes. We make happy accidents.”

How do the coaches differ from the Lead Link?

Aren’t lead links also coaches?” you might ask. This can sometimes be confusing because the traditional manager role is often handling both lead link and coaching accountabilities. But where the coaches are there just for you, and to support you; the lead link is there just for the circle and to support the circle. Hence, the Lead Link role does not care at all about your well-being, motivation, needs or wishes. The Lead Link role just cares about the circle.

Lead links do role fit chats. These sessions are there to figure out for the lead link in which roles you will fit and in which roles you won’t fit. They are also there to offer role fit feedback, so that you can improve your performance. They aren’t there for your personal growth, although this could come up as it is relevant for role fit. But the main goal of the role fit chats is to figure out what the circle needs, not what you as an employee need. For that, you need to talk to a coach, and take care of yourself.


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