General conditions for participation in CovidConnect

1.  CovidConnect service is provided by medical team of University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) using the Luscii app. This app has a CE mark indicating conformity with international health, safety and environmental protection standards. These general terms and conditions apply to your use of CovidConnect Service.

2.  We recommend that you read these conditions carefully so that you are aware of your rights and obligations when using CovidConnect service. UGMC may change these general terms and conditions from time to time, for example due to changes in laws and regulations. UGMC will inform you about this in a timely manner via a message on the website http://www.ugmedicalcentre.org You can always consult the most up–to-date terms and conditions via that website.

3.   CovidConnect is as an extra communication service because of the corona virus outbreak. The service is not a substitute for emergency care or regular care. Everyone can (continue to) use regular care. Under no circumstances are you obliged to use CovidConnect.

4.  The CovidConnect medical team assesses the answers you give in the app. If there is a medical reason for contacting you, we will do so within 24 hours (by phone or via a message in the app). If there is no medical need to contact, you will receive a message from us within 48 hours. You are responsible for estimating whether you can wait for this or whether you need emergency care.

5.  CovidConnect is a service in response to the corona crisis. This means that we cannot now estimate exactly how it will evolve. For this reason, UGMC reserves the right to adjust and/or extend the response times. UGMC may also decide at any time to refuse new registrations for CovidConnect service and/or to stop existing participation.

6.  CovidConnect is a service intended for personal use. For now, you can use CovidConnect if you are 18 years or above and live in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. The coverage area may be extended later. You need an email address where you can receive emails and a suitable mobile device (phone, tablet or ipad). The device must have Android version 7 or higher OR Apple version iOS12 or higher. You must also agree to the terms of use in the app (see: https://luscii.com/terms-of-use/). It is advisable to have a thermometer even though it is not an absolute necessity.

7.  The use of CovidConnect service is free of charge. For clarity, this applies to your use of the app as well as to the guidance by the medical team of UGMC.

8.  The data you enter in the app is read by the medical team of UGMC. This team has been specially set up for this service because of the corona virus outbreak and consists of healthcare providers, clinical psychologists and medical specialists.

9.  Advice via CovidConnect service is given based on the information you provide. The CovidConnect medical team do not have access to your regular patient file. They base their guidance entirely on the data you enter in the app. You are responsible for providing information to the medical team of UGMC to the best of your knowledge. We expect you to provide accurate and complete health information.

10. CovidConnect medical team can (together with you) decide to close your access to the app. This might be because you requested to close your access or in case of your inability to provide required information. The team will then initiate the procedure to delete your account. You can also always log out yourself and uninstall the app from your device.

11. UGMC is the controller for the data processed in the CovidConnect service. UGMC processes your data for the purpose as described above. UGMC processes your data because this is necessary for the provision of health care and also necessary for reasons of public health interest, such as with the Ministry of Health to enable you seamlessly assess corona testing and management services, if need be. In addition, UGMC will only analyze your anonymized data for research purposes to gain insights into how to better manage the spread of the corona virus. Your data will not be used for other purposes.

12. Luscii healthtech B.V. is a processor of CovidConnect service. You can read how Luscii deals with your privacy in the Luscii policy (see: https://luscii.com/privacy-policy/).

13. If you want your data to be removed from the CovidConnect service, please send an email to delete@luscii.com. This also applies to requests for access, rectification, addition, limitation or any objections. We will respond as soon as possible but please note that due to the corona virus outbreak this may take longer than usual.

14. The information you provide via CovidConnect is medical information. We therefore recommend that you protect the device which you use access the CovidConnect service with a password. UGMC has taken measures to guarantee your privacy, security and reliability of the data exchange.

15. The data you enter in CovidConnect is not automatically included in your electronic patient file. In the unlikely event that you are admitted as a patient in UGMC, the data you have entered in CovidConnect Service can, if necessary, be transferred to your medical file.

This includes all responses to the questions that CovidConnect service asks including temperature, degree of coughing, degree of shortness of breath, degree of sore throat, need for telephone contact and all your comments in CovidConnect.

16. You are responsible for providing an internet connection for your mobile device and for the costs thereof. UGMC is not responsible or liable for malfunctions in the availability of internet.

17. In case you have a complaint, questions or advice, please contact the UGMC on tel: 0302 550 843/4/5 or via a complaint form available at http://www.ugmedicalcentre.org. As soon as there is room for this, we will process your complaint. We ask that you understand that, in view of the corona virus outbreak, keeping emergency care open is now our first priority.

18. If you believe that the data processing within UGMC is not in accordance with the laws and regulations, you can report this to the Data Protection Officer of UGMC.

19. The Data Protection Commission is the independent supervisor with regard to compliance with privacy legislation in Ghana. You can find a lot of information on the website of the Data Protection Commission, including information on privacy regulations and data processing in healthcare.

Thank you for choosing CovidConnect