Unable to work

Everyone gets sick from time to time and needs space to recover

Unable to work

Everyone gets sick from time to time and needs time to recover. Luckily, in most cases these are just periods of a couple of days but sometimes they can be longer, even leading to permanent work disabilities. Luscii always aims to balance the needs of the employees with the needs of the company in a fair way, even though this can be a tricky balance at times. We work with an agency called ArboRegionaal who provide us with support from medical doctors. In the Netherlands, all employees have direct access to a GP, free of charge as part of the standard and obligated healthcare insurance. If you are not able to discuss your disease with the GP or if it is work related, everybody is open to make an appointment with the medical doctors from ArboRegionaal. Contact information:  In most scenarios the medical doctors from ArboRegionaal will be involved in diagnosing long term sick leaves, support of periodical check ups in case of long term sick leaves, building a reintegration plan, and providing medical information to the UWV (the agency of the Dutch government for unemployment benefits).

Short term sick leave

When you are sick and unable to work (for part of your time), you inform the HR Admin and People lead link of the situation, and how long you expect to be unable to work, by sending an email to them before 9 AM. If you are still able to, we also ask that you check in with your colleagues / circles to distribute any urgent work. When you are better, you inform the Admin and People link of the situation again with an email before 9 AM.

Note that caring for someone else who is sick is not considered a valid sick leave. Also if you undergo medical procedures without a medical necessity expressed by a doctor (e.g., some cosmetic surgeries) this will not considered a sick leave (including any complications arising from that).

In some cases, it might be that you get an invitation to visit the company doctor or that you get a visit at home from the company doctor. For this reason, you have to be home during your sickness with the exception going to the GP, pharmacy, or the company doctor. After consultation with a doctor, this rule can be lifted. Always keep the People Angel and company doctor informed about your whereabouts during your sick leave (including moving to another address). If you want to go on holiday during your illness, you have to get a approval from the company doctor. It will count towards your personal time off, even if you are on sick leave.

The company doctor has to keep all medical information from you confidential. In some cases, they might request your permission to provide some information to Luscii in order to help the reintegration process.

Long term sick leave

When your are (expected to be) sick for more than 6 weeks, a couple of other procedures go into effect. The People Angel will manage the case from Luscii, and will have a short evaluation with the employee once every six weeks. The employee is expected to keep the company up to date about the progress of the sickness and a make a plan for reintegration together with the People Angel and the company doctor (in line with the Wet Verbetering Poortwachter law).

You have to comply with medical examination but can always ask for a second opinion if they disagree with the resulting advice from the company doctor. And you are not allowed to do any work for Luscii or any other organization while you are on sick leave without explicit approval from the company doctor. Typically reintegration will go step by step, building up the numbers of hours somebody is actively working again over a number of weeks. This can be done on therapeutical basis (supporting the healing process) allowing the employee to stop at any moment or against normal conditions.

Insurances and compensation during sick leave

Both employee and employer pay the legal social security premiums for insurance during sick leave for the Ziektewet (ZW) and the Wet Werk en Inkomen naar Arbeidsvermogen (WIA), processed in the payroll.

Salary is paid as follows during long term sick leave:

  • Months 1 to 6: 100%
  • Months 7 to 12: 85%
  • Months 13 to 24: 70%

Periods are recalculated after 4 weeks of continuous full employment without sick leave. During pregnancy Luscii always pays 100% of salary during the entire period. If after two years of sick leave there has been no successful reintegration Luscii will end the contract with the employee. We abstain from salary payment during sick leave if the sickness was inflicted intentionally, if the employee inhibits the healing process, or if the company doctor indicates there is no reason for sick leave.