A step by step guide to validation.

Wouldn’t it be great if your new home measurement program was adopted nationally or even on a global scale? Imagine the impact. With Luscii, it can be. In fact, making your digital care path widely available to everyone who needs it is beneficial to us all. But of course, you first have to demonstrate that it has added value. Naturally, we will help you on your way. 

Luscii Special status.

The Luscii Library currently contains over thirty different home measurement programs. From heart failure to menopause. A number of these programs have since achieved Luscii Special status. Others are well on their way. Luscii Specials are digital care paths that follow a structured process of clinical validation before becoming available to every hospital..

An example of the Luscii Library
Two members of the medical board

Our Medical Board makes the decision.

Our Medical Board decides whether a home measurement program meets the requirements of a Luscii Special. Aside from three Luscii PhD employees, the board consists of medical representatives from our partnering hospitals. Among others, members of the Medical Board include pulmonologist Anneke van Veen (CWZ) and cardiologist Janet van Kuilenburg (JBZ). 

We impose strict requirements.

Before your new home measurement program receives the status of Luscii Special, you have to first demonstrate a number of things: that your care path is safe, that it supports clinicians in practice, has a positive effect on healthcare consumption and that it increases patient satisfaction. In addition, the medical ethics committee must approve your research and at least one paper must be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal.

A patient measuring his blood pressure
Twee doktors die gebruik maken van de Luscii app

But we will help you on your way.

Of course, you won’t be left alone. You can build on the research designs of your predecessors and we will help you with collecting data and writing your article. Would you like to develop and validate a program together with colleagues from other hospitals? Excellent! Collaboration is always desirable, even or especially when it comes to research. 

Reward for your efforts.

If other hospitals use your Luscii Special, you will receive 70% of the proceeds. But more importantly, you will reach many more patients. Safe@home, the home measurement program for pregnant women with hypertension, created by gynaecologist Mireille Bekker (UMCU), is now used in ten major hospitals. How many stressful and taxing trips to the outpatient clinic does that save on a yearly basis? The impact of her work is enormous. Who are you going to provide with a better quality of life?

Een zwangere vrouw die haar bloeddruk meet