“I understand, like no other, that personal care means seeing your patients regularly. I am the virtual member of your care team that can help you realise this dream.”

Your patients and colleagues are only one click away

You want to reach out to your patients but your schedule is so busy. Now ask yourself; does that moment of connection really require a physical visit? Luscii provides outstanding apps and a reliable videoplatform for a full experience and rich communication over a distance between you, your colleagues and your patients. We made it so secure and easy (even for seniors) that it literally feels like you are just ‘one click away’.

Imagine the time you can save…


A videocontact with Luscii Contact app or web feels surprisingly personal and safe. Via secure encrypted video connection, you can visit patients in their home. With the smart address book showing who is available at what time, and the presence of a virtual waiting room, setting up a videoconsult is simple.

By carefully replacing visits by videocontact, you can save valuable time for your team and clients.

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Integrate Luscii Contact into your care flow

Super simple mobile care

Easy and smart designs allow almost everybody to use Luscii videocare, wherever they are.

  • Multiplatform
  • Simple UX design  
  • Centrally managed smart address book 
Safe and secure connection

Luscii creates the right setting for quality time with your clients who, in turn, will feel more connected.

  • End-to-end encryption of video streams
  • No data storage of video connections
  • Secure authentication
at home
Seamless workflow support

Luscii understands what is needed to manage your workflow efficiently and save you valuable time.

  • Time registration of minutes called
  • Call divert
  • Virtual waiting room showing availability
Happy patients and staff

Videocare enables you to be there, whenever needed and without travel time.

  • Prevent outpatient clinic visits
  • Close open routes
  • 90% of Luscii users recommend it

Sensire Homecare and their Medical Service Centre NAAST have been using Luscii since 2013. They made this beautiful video about how their nurses and clients experience and benefit from Luscii's digital services.

Virtual visits in home and community care

As a homecare agency, you want to provide the best possible care to all clients. By making remote care the default, nurses can help more clients, reducing the problem of staff shortages and clients not being seen.

By replacing several visits a week with videocare, Luscii offers a way to firmly take control by instantly reducing 20% of your vacancies and saving costs. Our solutions are secure, integrated into the care workflow, and actively help organisations to be successful with videocare.

Offering Luscii Contact videocare is a proven way to help all clients and remove the inefficiency of open routes. Experience more freedom and flexibility and create a more positive vibe among colleagues. Luscii’s Contact app is super simple, very reliable, and guarantees great service for nurses and clients.

Want to learn more about how community care or hospital nurses use Luscii to support each other and their clients? Request Luscii’s user cases here.

Videoconsultations in hospital care

Hospitals are more easily accessible, and significantly improve the experienced quality of care, when they offer patients the option of videocare as part of their treatment for chronic conditions. And when they provide the alternative of virtual consulting hours, next to a phone call, to answer questions and reassure patients and their family. 

Technical specifications

EMR workflow integration 

Video conferencing for care teams

Virtual waiting room

Secure EU cloud infrastructure

End-to-end encryption

Smart care team contact list

Simple design for all ages

Personalised profile and branding

Multiplatform and bring your own device

Client testimonials

Sensire homecare using Luscii videocare

Talking to a nurse can be very reassuring

Sensire ThuiszorgClient

There is contact at the right moment, exactly when the patient needs me the most. I feel even more valuable and can really help each patient better

Marleen Jonxhorst Isala Hospital
Patient that uses cContact

It took me two months to get used to it. I said to myself “I can do it” and now I can’t live without it. I hope some day everybody can have this.

Sensire Thuiszorg Client

Luscii’s world

Revolutionising healthcare is exciting. Doctors, nurses and patients help to create Luscii. Read their personal stories and learn how they are changing the world of thousands of patients every day.