We at Luscii

We at Luscii

We at Luscii helps you have the freedom to act in a way that aligns with our company values, our rules (we try keep them as simple as possible) and in a collaborative and respectful spirit. This is a living document that outlines our people policies balancing the needs of the employees with the needs of the company. This is a delicate balance that will be refined and improved over time.

When you are lost and don’t know what to do anymore, sit down, take a coffee and read our values below. Hopefully you will find inspiration and get on the right path again. You can always check in with the People Angel for more information, clarifying questions or just have a nice chat. And don’t forget we have trusted coaches that can help you on your journey at Luscii.  

We believe in a strong inclusive culture that keeps us together and on the right track. Our Culture Creator roles will organize all kinds of interesting, challenging and fun things to support this, but creating a culture is everyone’s accountability. You are our culture, so live by these values (at least at work) and participate in our culture creators.

“The freedom of knowing what to do, when no one is telling you what to do.”

The freedom clause

Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. If you misuse the trust and freedom you get, the natural response will be to make more rules. Don’t blow it for the others. Everyone has the freedom to make mistakes, but you should own your mistakes, and take the responsibility to fix them. If you doubt whether you can muster the discipline, talk to a coach. We will happily give you some extra rules (for a limited time).