An IT ecosystem integrating seamlessly

 Now digital health is taking off it is even more important to support their users by seamlessly integrating health applications so doctors, nurses ánd patients can use Luscii features and data in the apps they already use. To support you as a developer, we've created LusciiKit HCP and LusciiKit PAT.

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Blend your software with our best in class remote patient monitoring 

LusciiKit is available to blend your software with our best in class remote patient monitoring features and data. Keep your application as the single starting point for your users and keep them loyal to your brand.


Give professionals direct access to Luscii's dashboard directly from your app. Or embed our remote patient monitoring in your patient app via white label universal linking or with our SDK.


Use our FHIR API's to extract data's to your own database such as observations (measurements), flags (alerts), escalation (alert handling) and messages into your own apps.


We offer a set of FHIR API's to submit your data directly into Luscii, such as observations (measurements), encounters (moments), messages and onboarding patients.

Self service suite for developers 

Luscii Integrations are set up in a way that is support viewing Luscii features and data and/or submitting and subscribing of data via HL7 FHIR format.


The famous Dutch BeterDichtbij App is integrating Luscii deeply in its application. Video in Dutch.

We support you with integrating

Although we made it as simple as possible to integrate Luscii, we understand you might need support. Since Luscii is available in eleven countries already, we got a lot of integration requests. To help everyone, submit your application via the button below and we'll reach  out to you.

Live and tested integration

Software Type Status Region
BeterDichtbij Messaging service Live NL
HiX (Chipsoft) EMR Live NL
Epic EMR Live Global
Patients Know Best PHR Waiting UK, NL
TPP SystmOne EMR Live UK
Ivido PHR Requested NL
MediKit EMR Requested NL
Rapid Health EMR Live IE
IQMessenger Integration layer Live NL
VIPLife (Topicus) Integration layer Development NL
Cerner EMR Development UK
Medicom EMR Development NL