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How great would it be to benefit from your peers’ experience with Luscii? Now you can. The Luscii Library is the place where healthcare professionals share their self-made home monitoring programmes. So no need for anyone to reinvent the wheel. Have a quick look to see if your condition is already available!

Luscii Library

Featured programs

A selection of programmes from hospitals that have recently featured in the news.

Shop card - Orthomobi
Post surgery
Shop card -Onco-connect
Cancer support
Shop card - - Influenza discharg
Influenza discharge
Early discharge
Shop card - safe at home
High-risk pregnancy

New: Palpitations


Patients with palpitations are difficult to monitor. Everything seems fine at the outpatient clinic but, just a week later, they end up in hospital. Annoying for the patient, and for you too as a care provider. Dr Robert Riezebos’ (OLVG) Palpitations Programme aims to combat the problem.

Dr. Riezebos discussed the subject on the 28th of March in a Zoom-in with 50 participating care providers. Watch the recording (in Dutch) here.


Watch recording

New: Ortho-Mobi


The post-surgery module Ortho-Mobi guides your patients throughout the patient journey. As care professional, you can keep an eye on the recovery of your patients. This means you can easily relief if needed. This Luscii program includes protocols for pre-op preparations, post-op monitoring and rehabilitation coaching for patients. More about the program in the Luscii Library or watch the recording of the Zoom-in where Robert Jan explains the value of this program to other care providers. 
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Leading Medical Developers

Luscii Special batch (white)

Creating home monitoring programmes on the Luscii platform is easy. Under the guidance of a Luscii doctor, a new programme can be ready in just a few weeks. After clinical validation and assessment by our Medical Board, the programme becomes available as a Luscii Special in the Luscii Library. Worldwide!
Shop card - Zwanger en Diabetes
Dr. M. Vermeulen
Pregnant & Diabetes
Shop card - palpatatieshome
Dr. R. Riezebos
Shop card - Astma
Dr. A. van Veen
Shop card - Acute Hypertensieome
Dr. I Verberk
Acute Hypertensie

Luscii Library

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In the Luscii Library, home monitoring programmes are available for more than 40 conditions and care paths. From programs for early discharge (virtual wards), chronic and episodic care to self-care and primary care.


More self-control after outpatient surgery

Lower back pain

Support for chronic lower back pain

Heart failure

Measuring vital signs and self-management


Track vital signs including PPG

AFib screening

Early detection and prevention of cardiac events

Angina Pectoris / Post ACS

Track symptoms of deterioration

Cardiothoracic surgery

Active recovery and prevent hospital readmission

Cardiac rehabilitation

Stimulating behavioural change through e-coaching

Heart failure UK best practice

Healthcare improvement with NHS guidelines

Colorectal surgery

Early detection of wound infections


Supporting the patient journey, fit-in and fit-out of surgery

IBD (MIAH + calprotectin)

Insight into the course of disease and calpro test at home

IBD Control

Early intervention when disease deteriorates at home

Irritable bowel syndrome

Learning to live with IBS as a disease


Early monitoring of symptoms and tailored education


Gestational hypertension and preeclampsia

Diabetes type 2

Optimize medication with continuous monitoring

Diabetes & Pregnancy

Easy digital monitoring of glucose levels and remote support

Chronic hypertension

Measuring at home to better regulate blood pressure

Acute hypertension

Early intervention in case of deterioration

Onco Connect

Monitoring burden of disease with chemotherapy


Symptom monitoring and self-care support


Babies born prematurely can be safely monitored from home


Self-care and managing asthma in everyday life


CCQ, FEV1 and digital Lung Attack Action Plan


Optimization of the care plan with home measurement


Fewer hospital visits due to active support

COVID-19 discharge

Early discharge of hospital and monitoring at home with oxygen

Influenza early discharge

Reduction of days spent in bed and earlier intervention

COPD UK best practice

Healthcare improvement with NHS guidelines


Targeted medication and improvement of health situation

Headache syndrome

More control over the treatment and self-empowerment


Specially made eye tests in the Luscii app


Actively working on lifestyle improvement

Asthma (in children)

Support for children with asthma

Bechterew's disease

Support living with Bechterew's disease

Kidney transplant

Optimizing care at home after kidney transplantation