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Self-management is stimulated and there is only contact between patient & healthcare professional when care is needed
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How does it work?

Asthma patients are provided with the Luscii app which allows them to fill out the Asthma Control Questionnaire (ACQ) based on their personalised protocol. In addition they fill out two questions on their medication adherence and the use of extra medication. Moreover, they will perform spirometry and FeNO tests at home. In case of deviation of their measurements the CWZ medical service center contacts the patient through video calling to give further guidance. If needed the patient is escalated to a (virtual) consultation with the health care professionals of the pulmonology department

What is the aim of the program?
  • Saves time because only a part of the outpatient clinic visits are done remotely
  • Improves health outcomes since intervention can be done more accurate and earlier remotely
  • Improves experience because patients have direct access to their care providers by video consults
  • saves times for professionals which they can spend on other patients

Developed by

Anneke van Veen
Jürgen Holters
Target audience
Patients with asthma recently referred by their GP or with severe or difficult to treat asthma (with biological treatment)
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In use since
December 2020
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Urology - Recognition complaints


Reviews from patients and professionals

Cardiothoracale chirurgie
Eveliene Brouwer


This app works good, it feels that the treatment method and consultation are always close by. Or that you can consult with the lung specialist if there are complaints that may require other medication.

four star


Lung rehabilitation
Kimberly Fazia


Early anticipation

More insight in their disease burden for patients. Early signalling of increase in symptoms and to be able to give advice at the right moment.


Mitchell Wuits


Patients feel safe

Reducing number of physical contact moments without losing the feeling of safety for our patients.


Lage rugklachten
Brian Stoppels


I feel very heard. An excellent accompaniment in this way.


Heart failure (Heart Care at Home)
Dario Stolk


Very good method! The contact lines are very short and I experience that as very pleasant. 



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