Make space for your patients' care with Luscii


Luscii is the leading digital healthcare platform for monitoring your patients remotely. Give your patients control over their own care and prevent unnecessary check-ups and hospitalisations with one app for every medical condition. So you can dedicate more time and attention to the patients that need it most.

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Proven in practice with more than 20 million registrations

Ontwikkeld met top dokters en verpleegkundigenDeveloped with top doctors and nurses

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Prix Galien award als beste innovatiePrix Galien award for Best Innovation

Bewezen effectiefProven effective in lots of publicatons

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Simple: suitable for young & old

Luscii is very easy to use and integrates seamlessly with the EHR. No IT knowledge necessary.

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Smart: Luscii saves you time

Luscii generates alerts if attention is needed. You can focus on the patients that require assistance.

Convenient: one app for all conditions

Luscii is flexible enough to suit any condition. There are already 40 validated conditions available.

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Safe: ISO, NEN and CE certification

Luscii Vitals is a CE class IIa medical device. The quality and privacy of data is guaranteed.

Make your patients happy

With the Luscii app, patients take their own measurements at home and evaluate their well-being. They benefit from insight into their treatment path and receive self-care tips. Is something not quite right? Luscii will alert you from your EHR. You can make direct contact via chat or video call. That is modern care. Efficient and close by.

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Care is all about the people

You want to be the very best doctor or nurse you can be. But do you ever feel like you are struggling to give enough attention to the patients who need it most? No wonder. There is already a growing shortage of caregivers and the workload is only increasing.


More time for your patients

What if we could find a way to save your time and provide better care for your patients? To support both you and your patients. So you can focus on those who need attention.

Care always close by with Luscii

With Luscii, you can deliver the right care at the right place. Via the app, you can bring your care from the waiting room to the living room.

Digitale patiëntkaart

Remote monitoring data in your EHR

The Luscii platform integrates seamlessly with third-party applications, such as your EHR. You receive your alerts and data directly from HiX or Epic.

EPD integratie

User-friendly for young and old

The Luscii app is easy to use. Almost every patient can get started without a manual. Both young and old.


Start today, just like thousands of healthcare professionals before you

You can get started easily with Luscii. In just one day. Need help? Our specialists are ready and waiting.
Step 1


Gain experience of how home monitoring works

Search the Luscii Library with 40+ care paths
Select the care path you need
Try it out with colleagues and patients
Step 2


Implement for all patients in a care path

Receive help to scale up from a Luscii specialist
Integrate Luscii into your EHR, e.g. HiX or Epic
Invite all your patients in the Luscii app
Step 3


Create your own programmes and develop further

Create new home monitoring programmes
Share amongst the Luscii community
Validate with colleagues worldwide
An inspiring example: CWZ Home
Create your own virtual clinic

The most user-friendly home monitoring app in Europe and Africa

Camiel van den Eijnden

Patient, 74 ans

Luscii is really easy. I started using it without any help.


Monique Kappert

Quality and Innovation Manager

Setting up Luscii is quick and easy.


Kees Ruigrok

Patient, 71 years old

The Luscii Home Monitoring App gives me peace of mind that someone is watching over me.


Dr. Rachel West

Gastrointestinal Specialist Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland

Luscii offers my patients a personal digital coach for their IBD.


Dr. Anneke van Veen

Lung Specialist and CMIO eHealth

Luscii already has 40 care paths. That means just one app for our entire hospital.Icon_Star-2

Erica Stoer

Heart Failure Nurse Specialist

As Luscii is reimbursed, we can use it for all our patients.


Jordan Samuel

Graphic Designer

With the Move messenger I can correspond with clients from all over the world and never forget about important meetings.


One app for your entire hospital

The Luscii platform is flexible. The app can be used for every condition. This means one app for your patients. And just one home monitoring platform for your hospital or whole region. Collaboration with GPs, home care and medical control centres is also supported.



Luscii App

Conducting scientific research together

Studies by top researchers reveal that Luscii prevents outpatient visits, unnecessary diagnostics and hospitalisations

56% fewer consultations

Internal study at OLVG’s heart centre shows how Luscii prevents unnecessary cardiology consultations for patients with atrial fibrillation


65% fewer hospitalisations

A long-term study by NeLL of the data at Slingeland Hospital shows the number of heart failure hospitalisations decreased substantially


20% reduction in healthcare costs

A recent publication by UMC Utrecht shows how Luscii significantly reduced costs in antenatal care


58% fewer A&E visits

Virtual ward in NHS (Sunderland) shows how Luscii reduces A&E visits for vulnerable seniors and chronically ill patients