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Track vital signs and symptoms to signal deteriorations, intervene timely. Luscii can also support patients towards a healthy lifestyle as well as reduced anxiety.

How does it work?:

With this module, the heart rate can be measured, and the presence and absence of atrial fibrillation can be determined using the patient’s smartphone. Patients with palpitation complaints are accommodated in one of three protocols: paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, chronic atrial fibrillation, and undiagnosed palpitation complaints. The patients record the heartbeat using the flash and camera of the smartphone (photoplethysmography). In addition, they answer symptom-related questions. Based on a (combination of) measurements, the care team is alerted for follow-up. We are working on an individual care plan in case of atrial fibrillation. Regular outpatient visits can be replaced and done virtually. Patients can also contact their medical team in case of uncertainty. They receive coaching in improving their lifestyle.

What is the aim of the program?
  • Fewer outpatient clinic visits
  • Better lifestyle adjustment and reducing anxiety
  • Better correlation between complaints and heart rhythm
  • Better control and use of medicaton and invasive treatment.
  • Serve the growing number of patients with the same number of nurses

Developed by

Robert Riezebos
Jonas de Jong
Cardiologist and electrophysiologist
Target audience
Patients that suffer from palpitations
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In use since
June 2021
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Urology - Recognition complaints


Reviews from patients and professionals

SAFE@Home Corona
Maarten Visser


It is nicer and better to measure the environment, so that you know how you are doing, in terms of health

five star


Questionnaire c
Jacco Bouwman


Awareness among patients

Patients get quicker insight in their own health situation and it creates awareness.


Questionnaire palpitations  (chronic AF)
Brigitte Vonk


Intervene at the right moment

Intercepting deviating values and be able to (quicker) anticipate.


Lung rehabilitation
Denise Hollemans


The contact between the app and the hospital is very clear, I do see an advantage in using the app



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