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Diabetes type 2

Only glucose values are shown that exceed the threshold values. This way, the nurse knows immediately which patient needs attention
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How does it work?

Type 2 diabetes patients often need treatment adjustments, e.g. due to lifestyle, nutritional or body weight changes, or because of medication compliance or tolerance. These patients may already be treated by the hospital or may have been referred for this by their GP. By submitting glucose values via the app, the patient can be quickly set to the correct medication. Only when needed, the healthcare professional contacts the patient by video calling to give further guidance. Dysregulation is signalled and healthcare professionals can quickly adjust their medication. Side effects are identified more quickly and education is shared via the app. After optimal regulation they can be referred back to their GP or the follow-up frequency can be adjusted accordingly.

What is the aim of the program?
  • Saves time because contact with the patient is only executed when the threshold exceeds
  • Earlier treatment optimization through continuous monitoring
  • Improves experience because patients can send in measurements digitally instead of calling or e-mailing

Developed by

Mechteld Vermeulen
Target audience
Patients with type 2 diabetes who are adjusted to (new) medication
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In use since
August 2020
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Reviews from patients and professionals

Cardiothoracale chirurgie
Danique Veldkamp


This works great. Sure I recommend this.

four star


Lung rehabilitation
Sophie de Wiel


Early anticipation

More insight in their disease burden for patients. Early signalling of increase in symptoms and to be able to give advice at the right moment.


Mason Parker


Patients feel safe

Reducing number of physical contact moments without losing the feeling of safety for our patients.

five star


Lage rugklachten
Jordan Brown


Very good and helps to remind you to take my medication.



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