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Kidney transplant

Patient feels more in control during recovery after the kidney transplant surgery

How does it work?

This program has been developed to optimize care after kidney transplantation and to increase patients' self-management. Patients send in their measurements such as blood pressure, weight, temperature or urine product. Both healthcare providers and patients can see the trends graphically over time. The patient receives advice based on his sent measurements. The program also contains questionnaires about adherence, smoking or exercise and provides information about possible complications, travel.

What is the aim of the program?
  • Earlier warning of health deterioration 
  • Increase self-management of patient during recovery

Developed by

Martijn van den Hoogen
Jacqueline van de Wetering
Mirjam Tielen
Nurse specialist
Target audience
Kidney transplant patients
In use since
August 2021
Designed by
erasmus mc-200x200@2x


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Hospitals using the program

Reviews from patients and professionals

L. van Dijk


Very useful.

five star


Nurse testimonial
Mirjam Tielen

Nurse specialist

This makes it clear for us and the patient: you can look at the trend and the course of values


M. Jansen


If I could also do my blood tests at the regional clinic, I wouldn't have to go to the hospital at all. That saves me a lot of driving!



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