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Through telemonitoring self-management is stimulated and there is only contact between patient & healthcare professional when care is needed

How does it work?:

Patients with lung cancer are during their follow-up phase (after surgery / radiotherapy = stage I / II, after chemoradiation with or without adjuvant immunotherapy = stage III or after oligometastatic treatment or palliative therapy = stage IV) provided with the Luscii app which allows them to monitor their symptoms at home. Patients monitor their weight and fill out questionnaires about their health. In case of deviation of their measurements the CWZ medical service center contacts the patient through video calling to give further guidance. This way deterioration is early noticed and the care plan can be optimised. Moreover, extra physical checkups (checkups besides the regular protocol) can be prevented. Finally Luscii can support clinicians in their decision whether a CT-scan is indicated, instead of making CT-scans based on protocol. This could lead to decline in number of CT-scans.

What is the aim of the program?
  • Saves time because part of the visits patients that are made to the outpatient clinic can be done remotely
  • Improves health outcomes since intervention can be done more accurate and earlier remotely
  • Improves experience because patients have direct access to their care providers by video consults

Developed by

Laura Vermeer
Jolanda van der Groes
Nurse specialist lung oncology
Target audience
Follow-up for patients with lungcancer
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In use since
February 2021
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Reviews from patients and medical professionals 

SAFE@Home Corona
Tara van Dijk


In this way the contact about my health is nice and short

five star


Questionnaire c
Evy Kampaan


Patients feel safe

Reducing number of physical contact moments without losing the feeling of safety for our patients.


Questionnaire palpitations  (chronic AF)
Tara Green


Early anticipation

More insight in their disease burden for patients. Early signalling of increase in symptoms and to be able to give advice at the right moment.


Safe at home corona
Brad Davies


They respond well when something is not right.

four star



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