The power of patients. The impact of collaboration.

Yes: there is a desperate shortage of nurses. And yes: the ageing population will only increase the demand for care. But hospitals still have plenty to be positive about. The potential of patients for one, plus the possibilities of modern technology and the overwhelming desire for collaboration between healthcare professionals.

Luscii believes in a future where patients are actively involved in their treatment at home, with the help of digital technology. If we all share knowledge with each other, we keep specialist care accessible to everyone.

We need your support.

Self-management with a safety net.

Whether your patient is chronically ill or recovering from surgery, the Luscii platform offers every opportunity to provide independence at home in a safe manner. Home measurement delivers reliable data. Education literally teaches your patient how to live with their illness. Is contact necessary? The artificial intelligence of Luscii vitals, our Clinical Engine, will alert you immediately. This allows your patient to develop self-management skills while you and your team can focus on those who need help now.

Build, develop, share.

Have you decided to work with Luscii? Then you can get started right away using the accumulated knowledge of dozens of hospitals. And your own creations can be made available to others. The Luscii Library currently contains over 30 digital care paths. From oncology to pregnancy hypertension. All created by innovative organisations that have implemented Luscii hospital-wide. Together, we make real impact at lightning speed. .

Different direction. The goal stays the same.

A social mission.

As a teenager, Prof. Dr. Ir. Daan Dohmen, our founder, had a part-time job in a nursing home. He made friends with the residents and, at the same time, witnessed first-hand how little control they had left over their own lives. Changing that became his life’s mission. First with FocusCura, which became a market leader with its smart aids for vulnerable people. And since 2018, with Luscii. In this interview, you can read more about Daan and his vision of modern hospital care.

The Luscii team.

Our close-knit, international team mainly consists of developers and people with a medical background. As an organisation, we work without hierarchy under the principles of Holacracy and enjoy a four-day working week. Everyone has both freedom and responsibilities within their own role. This makes the organisation extremely agile and the employees happy. Fancy joining us at Luscii? Then find out more here. 

The close-knit, international team of Luscii consists mainly of a mix of developers and people with a medical background.
The power of the patient.

‘Luscii’ is a tribute.

Do you remember your history lessons? During the Crimean War (1853-1856), Florence Nightingale implemented strict hygiene measures across army hospitals. Mortality rates fell spectacularly, and her insights changed the world. We consider her an enormous source of inspiration precisely because she dared to look at things differently and remained optimistic in difficult times. In Latin, Luscinia means Nightingale. The name Luscii is our tribute to a true heroine.