How do you turn disappointment into something beautiful? The origin of Luscii.

As a teenager, Prof. Dr. Ir. Daan Dohmen has a part time job in a nursing home. He forms personal relationships with a number of residents, but soon sees that his new friends have virtually no control over anything. That’s the reason he wants to become a doctor. In that role, he will work relentlessly to give dependent people their independence back.

Different direction. The goal stays the same.

Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Daan misses out on a spot and that hits hard. In the end, he opts for technical business administration, medicine & management. He learns a surprising lesson in the lecture hall: modern technology can help vulnerable patients to remain independent.

After his studies, Daan sets up FocusCura from his attic. A company that uses smart tools to promote the autonomy of vulnerable people. FocusCura grows into the market leader in the Netherlands within the field of healthcare innovation.

Employees notice that hospital visits play a central role in the lives of FocusCura clients. Can artificial intelligence help make them less dependent on the hospital? Together with colleagues Dr. Joris Janssen, Ronald Scheffer and Erik Kaufman, Daan creates Luscii in 2018, named after Florence Nightingale.

Happy employees within a unique company culture.

Luscii is an immediate success. By now, more than 15 million home measurements have been processed. Almost half of Dutch hospitals use its services and major steps are also being taken internationally. Luscii is now available in 7 countries across Europe and Africa. The company gained national attention in The Netherlands with The Corona Check, which it developed together with Amsterdam’s OLVG city hospital.

The close-knit, international team of Luscii consists mainly of a mix of developers and people with a medical background. They work in an organisational form without a hierarchy, known as Holacracy. Everyone has freedom and responsibilities within their own role. This makes the organisation extremely agile and the employees happy.

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