Our dream. Patients deserve your attention at the right moment.

Luscii began with the dream to give every patient the attention he or she deserves. We are still working hard every day to achieve this. Together with caregivers across Europe and Africa who use our app to transform patients’ lives.

The most successful remote patient monitoring app in Europe and Africa. Every revolution begins by thinking differently.

A social mission

Prof. Dr. Ir. Daan Dohmen, one of the founders of Luscii, worked as a care assistant in a nursing home. He became friends with the vulnerable residents but witnessed first-hand how little control they had left over their own lives. Changing that became his life’s mission. First with FocusCura, which supported more than 100,000 elderly people with smart tools to live longer in their own homes. And since 2018 with Luscii, founded together with Dr. Joris Janssen, Ronald Scheffer and Erik Kaufman.

A social mission

Our name. A tribute to an inspirational woman.

Florence Nightingale was the first to recognise the value of monitoring patients. As the Lady with the Lamp, she kept a close eye on the soldiers on the battlefield. And as a statistician, she discovered that vital signs are best assessed graphically. In Latin, Nightingale is “Luscinia”, which is where Luscii derives from. Our name is a tribute to the woman who revolutionised healthcare.

Photo of Florence Nightingale

The Luscii Medical Board. Together, we are creating the future of our healthcare.

You can go fast alone. But together, we can go further. That’s why Luscii is joining forces with expert medical professionals from numerous hospitals. Several of them sit on our Medical Board. They keep us on our toes. Contribute ideas. And they help safeguard the quality of Luscii programmes developed and shared in the Luscii Library.

The Luscii Medical Board

Medical Board Members

Dr. Anneke van Veen - Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis

Dr. Anneke van Veen MD
Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis

Dr. Janet van Kuilenburg - Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis

Dr. Janet van Kuilenburg MD
Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis

Dr. Richard de Jong - Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis Assen

Dr. Richard de Jong MD
Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis Assen

Dr. Thomas Slee St Franciscus Gasthuis

Dr. Thomas Slee MD
St. Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland

Prof. Dr. Karin Kaasjager - Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht

Prof. Dr. Karin Kaasjager MD
Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht

Dr. Wouter Blox Albert Schweitzer ziekenhuis

Dr. Wouter Blox MD
Albert Schweitzer ziekenhuis

Medical board member Pending

To be announced

Medical board member Pending

To be announced
Bravis Ziekenhuis

Medical board member Pending

To be announced
Nursing Board

A unique team. Join us!

Our close-knit, international team is made up of around 60 people with 18 different nationalities. A mix mainly comprising developers and people with a medical background. Our organisation is structured without hierarchy, known as Holacracy, and we follow a four-day working week. Everyone enjoys freedom and responsibility within their own role. This makes us extremely agile and keeps employees happy. We even wrote a book about it, GREEN ON. Who knows, maybe you’ll be joining us at Luscii soon too!

The close-knit, international team of Luscii consists mainly of a mix of developers and people with a medical background.

Our core values. Right from the heart.

Freedom sparks energy

Freedom sparks energy
We give each other as much freedom as possible to do things the way we like.

Grow to last

Sustainable growth
We focus on the long term and refuse to shy away from choices that may harm our short term results.

Courage for integrity

Courage for integrity
We dare to be open and honest with each other and keep an open heart across the organisation.

Compliance. We want to set an example.

We believe in healthcare innovation. As long as it’s safe. Luscii vitals is certified as a Medical Device Class IIa. And we naturally safeguard the privacy of our users. Data belongs to them. Period.

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NEN 7512
IEC 27002
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