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Workloads in healthcare worry us. A&E is overloaded. The ambulance service is stretched very thin. Wards are full and there are too few staff. And all the while the aging population grows. Luscii wants to fight with you to reduce the currentpressures by helping the ‘frequent-fliers’ to be better managed and supported and to keep high quality healthcare available to everyone.

Our name. A tribute to an inspirational woman.

over Luscii, onze inspiratie

Florence Nightingale was the first person to spot the value of regular monitoring. As a statistician she realised that patients’ vital signs are best understood graphically. The Latin word for Nightingale, Luscinia, is the origin of our name, Luscii. It’s a small tribute to the woman who revolutionised healthcare.

Our heritage. 15 years in healthcare.

The idea for Luscii originated as an app called cVitals within FocusCura, a leading company in the Dutch health and social care sector. The innovation was so powerful that our founder, Dr Daan Dohmen, established it as a separate company. Based in Amsterdam with an international focus we work hard every day to make Luscii even better and thus help more healthcare professionals and more patients.

Our customers. Ambitious healthcare organisations.

Luscii’s technology has supported thousands of patients across dozens of Dutch hospitals. We have delivered over 1million Luscii ‘virtual care moments’ and form the foundations of some of the most successful eHealth programs in the Netherlands. Like Safe at home and the winners of the VBHC prize HartWacht and COPD InSight.

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