"Every euro spent saves € 8 healthcare costs"

Investing in remote patient monitoring with Luscii pays off, according to recent research by UMC Utrecht. In Prof. Mireille Bekker’s Safe@home study involving over 200 women with pregnancy hypertension, the number of visits, ultrasounds and bed days all decreased thanks to Luscii. This saved time and a net saving of almost 20% (source).


Prevent a healthcare disaster

Working even harder is impossible

Figures on the personnel shortage in healthcare are clear. The Social and Economic Council (SER) calculated that in 2040 almost twice as many workers will be needed in the care sector if nothing changes (bron). But this labour force simply isn’t available. In 2022, there are as many as 74,000 job vacancies (bron). And that number is rising, partly due to the annual exodus of 150,000 caregivers (bron). What’s more, the care sector sits in the top 3 of the 1.3 million workers on leave with burn-out related complaints (bron).

For years, digital healthcare has been seen as a tool to tackle the problem. With Luscii, we are now proving that this really does help. More and more publications by top independent researchers are demonstrating the effects of Luscii. From fewer outpatient visits and hospitalisations to fewer diagnostics. This explains our ambition to put 8,000 extra hands to work by using Luscii over the coming period. Instant room for care.


Free up nurses' time

With Luscii, patients no longer visit the hospital or clinic for standard check-ups, but only if their home measurements indicate they need to. This saves a huge amount of time:

  • 19% fewer outpatient consultations for pregnancy hypertension (UMC Utrecht)
  • 56% less time spent by nurses on arrhythmias (OLVG)
  • 58% fewer A&E visits for patients with COPD (NHS Sunderland).

Increase inpatient capacity in the clinic

With the Luscii Home Measuring app, patients recover earlier at home. This frees up beds in the clinic and saves costs:

  • 65% fewer hospitalisations for heart failure (Slingeland).
  • 6 to 11 days earlier discharge for corona patients (Antonius, Maasstad)
  • 854 clinical admission days saved (Isala).
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Luscii’s COVID-19 at Home proved crucial during the pandemic

Luscii creates space for care

Luscii lets you spend time on the patients that really need it, freeing up valuable time. We calculated just how much extra care time this generated for all the healthcare professionals using Luscii.

Browse our publications in the Luscii Library

Researchers from renowned research institutes have published their findings about the use of Luscii in a wide variety of situations. In the Luscii Library, you will find them grouped by specialism and programme.